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    EU 75k Dust /8.3k Gold/47legs/101 epics and US 68k dust/ 8.6k gold /46 leg/91 epics

    Got Both EU and US regions with many cards and dust/gold on this account so its double region unique account !! Destiny 2 Gift also.

    EU 75k Dust 8.3k Gold 47 legs/101 epics with US 68k dust 8.6k gold 46 leg/91 epics

    My skype is : Paybackowns I would like to use Paypal as payment method and will also want to use middle man with high reputation from this forum, so scammers please dont bother and dont waste my time. The buyer will have to pay the middle man fee also. Price is negotiable for this personal account of mine. I have spent over 3 years playing it.

    You can craft like over 40 legendaries on EACH region that i got EU and US both.

    EU Main Region information :

    EU REGION - 75K DUST [ 75 , 000 ] 8300 Gold and Available Name Change and only STANDARD CARDS, NO WILD.

    Golden Legendaries - Lucentbark Druid, Houndmaster Shaw Hunter, The Glass Knight Paladin, Zerek`s Cloning Gallery Priest, Harrison Jones neutral, Golden Zayle, Golden Sn1p-SNAP - 7

    Golden Epics - Witch`s Cauldron Neutral, Shadowform Priest, Nine Lives Hunter - 3 and some rare and common golden cards also

    Legendaries : Total number - 46 + one from newest expansion - Dark Pharaoh Tekahn

    Druid - Duskfallen Aviana and Cenarius and Lucentbark Golden - 3

    Hunter - Houndmaster Shaw Golden , Oblivitron , Boommaster Flark , Emeriss - 4

    Mage - Archmage Arugal, Khadgar, Luna`s Pocket Galaxy , Toki Time Tinker, Kalecgos - 5

    Paladin - Crystalsmith Kangor , Commander Rhyssa, Tirion Fordring and The Glass Knight Golden - 4

    Priest - Chameleos, Zerek Master Cloner, Catrina Muerte and Zerek Golden - 4

    Rogue - Edwin Van Cleef, Face Collector , Gral The Shark and Myra`s Unstable Element - 4

    Shaman - Electra Stormsurge, Al`akir the Windlord and Hagatha the Witch - 3

    Warlock - The Soularium, Lord Godfrey and Fel lord Betrug - 3

    Warrior - Darius Crowley, Dr boom and Akali the Rhino - 3

    Neutrals - Nat Pagle, Zayle Golden, King Mukla, Golden Snip Sn1p-Sn4p, Archmage Vargoth , Harbinger Celestia, Barista Lynchen, Golden Harrison Jones, Leeroy Jenkins, Subject 9, Zilliax, Chef nomi and Ysera

    Epics Total number : 100 +1 from newest exp Anubisath defender.

    Druid - 2x Crystal Song, 2x Whispering Woods, 2x Treespeaker, 1x Ancient of Lore, 1x Ancient of War, 1x Dreampetal Florist

    Hunter - 1x snake trap, 1x nine lives golden, 2x arcane fletcher, 2x necromechanic, 1x toxmonger

    Mage - 2x book of specters, 1x mana cyclone, 2x unxpected results, 1x arcane keysmith, 2x astromancer, 2x power of creation

    paladin - 2x hidden wisdom, 2x cathedral gargoyle, 1x sword of justice, 2x dragon speaker, 1x glowstone technician and 1x avenging wrath

    priest - 1x lazul scheme, 1x shadowy figure, 1x shadowform goldem ,1x power word replicate, 1x cabal shadow priest

    rogue- 2x wanted, 1x necrium vial, 1x unitentified contract

    shaman - 1x omega ind, 2x witchs brew, 2x far sight, 1x thunderheard, 2x totem curncher, 1x earth elementa , 2x bogshaper

    warlock- 1x ratcatcher, 1x bane of doom, 1x deathweb spider, 2x ectomancy, 2x jumbo imp

    warrior - 1x wrenchcalibur, 2x supercollider, 2x beryllium nullifier

    neutral - 1x crystalizer, 2x hungry crab, 2x baleful banker , 1x doomsayer , 1x masked contender, 2x murloc warleader, 2x nightmare amalgam, 2x southsea captain, 1x voodoo doll, 1x witch cauldron golden, 1x sandbinder, 2x weaponized pinata, 2x azerite lemental , 2x emp operative, 2x holomancer, 1x loose speciment, 2x seaforium bomber , 1x mossy horror , 2x portal overfiend, 1x unseen saboteur,1x batterhead, 2x whirlwind tempest, 1x big bad archmage, 2x sea giant, 2x mountain giant

    Got also over 90 % of the common and rare cards and you can craft the rest with dust - 76k.

    Got all classes except priest and mage with Max level 60 and over 500 wins in ranked - golden portait - mage got 392 wins ranked and level 60 and priest got 151 wins level 47

    Got all wings from the Dalaran Heist expansion as well PvE adventure and have completed it all.

    Got also many card backs and some extra heroes like Nemsy.

    US secondary Region on the same account information :

    US REGION - 68k dust [ 68, 000] and 8600 gold ONLY STANDARD CARDS - NO WILD

    Golden Legendaries - The Boom Reaver Warrior

    Legendaries : 44 + 2 from the new exp, Dinotamer Brann and Hack the system = 46 legendary cards.

    Druid: Floop Glorius Gloop, Flobbidinous Floop, Lucent bark - 3

    Hunter - Houndmaster Shaw, Boommaster Flark, Vereeasa Windruner and King krush - 4

    Mage - Stargazer Luna, Luna Pocket Galaxy, Kalecgos - 3

    Paladin - Glass Knight, Prince Liam, Nozari - 3

    Rogue- Edwin Van Cleef, Face Collector, Myra Rotspring, Heistbaron Togwaggle and Tess Greymane- 5

    Shaman - Electra Stormsurge, Swampqueen Hagatha and Hagatha Witch - 3

    Warlock - Arch-Villain Rafaam, lord godfrey, fel lord betrug , Hir`eek , the Bat - 4

    Warrior- Golden boom Reaver and Blastmaster Boom - 2

    Priest - Zerek, Bwonsamdi , Catrina Muerte - 3

    Neutral - Lorewalker Cho, Millhouse Manastorm, Zayle Golden, Golden Sn1p-Sn4p, Archmage Vagoth, Barista Lynchen, Dollmaster Dorian,Leeroy, Subject 9, Zilliax, Hogger, Azalina Soulthief, Jepetto Joybuzz

    Epics : 90 + 1 from new expansion Mischief Maker.

    Druid - 1x Crystalsong Porta, 1x Juicy Pscyhmelon, 2x Crystal Stag, 1x ancient of lore, 1x dreampetal florist

    hunter - 1x the beast within, 1x goblin prank , 1x rat trap, 1x arcane fletcher

    mage - 1x book of specters, 1x book of specters goldem, 1x unexpected results, 1x arcane keysmith, 2x power of creation, 1x pyroblast

    paladin - 1x hidden wisdom, 2x cathedral gargoyle, 1x sword of justice, 2x dragon speaker, 2x glowstone tech, 1x aveng wrath, 1x lay on hands

    priest- 1x lazul scheme, 1x shadowy figure, 2x shadowform, 1x surrender to madness, 1x mindgames, 1x powerdword replicate

    rogue- 2x academic espionage, 1x waggle pick, 1x kidnapper

    shaman - 1x omega mind , 1x witch brew, 1x far sight, 1x haunting visions, 2x thunderheard , 2x bogshapper

    warlock - 1x bane of doom, 1x omega agent, 2x darkest hour , 1x ectomancy , 1 jumbo imp

    warrior - 1x shield slam, 1x town crier , 1x omega devastator , 1x wrenchcalibur , 1x gorehowl

    neutral - 2x crystalizer, 1x hungry crab, 1x baleful banker , 1x doomsayer, 1x agumented elekk, 1x magic carpet, 1x murloc warleader , 2x nightmare amalgam, 2x voodoo doll, 1x witch cauldron, 1x hench clan hag, 2x omega defender, 2x sandbinder, 1x weaponized pinata, 1x emp operative , 1x holomancer, 1x portal overfiend, 2x unseen saboteur, 1x linecracker, 1x star aligner , 1x batterhead, 1x whirlwind tempest, 1x big bad archmage , 2x sea giant, 2x mountain giant

    Over 90 % of the rare and common cards and you can craft the rest with 68k dust.

    Completed all wings of the PvE adventure Dalaran Heist.

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    The price is 99 dollars.

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    Can I buy it?

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