Taru (F) Geomancer & Bard both Mastered.  WHM BLM BST THF also Lv 99. menu

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    Taru (F) Geomancer & Bard both Mastered. WHM BLM BST THF also Lv 99.

    Taru female Geomancer and Bard Master. Server Ragnarok, Can Change servers. i know the personal security question and all original Registration Codes, Mailbox and password.
    Geomancer has -38.5 pet damage taken in gear and +23 regen and a total of +470 Magic Evasion, Also has a very formidable nuke set including Grioavalor, Merlinic attire mix with Ambuscade Jhakri +1/+2 and Mallquis +1 for -elemental casting time. The character has great and rare buff gear such as Doyen Pants and 4/5 extra Telchine Pieces with Fast Cast and Enhancing Duration +8-10% on at least 4 peices. Also has most important Artifact/Relic/Empyrean armor such as Geomancy Mittaines +2.
    For Bard its had all 4 pieces available for song Duration Gear, extra peices of -song cast time for precast, Bard has Relic Horn Gjallarhorn, and Terpander, also has 50/50 iron plates 50/50 colorless souls if you wish to finish Durabala but in my experience Geomancer became the better support untill bard has all 5 REMA weapons.
    Thief has Kaja Dagger and Sandung as well as Relic hands +2 and Artifact Feet +1 putting it at the needed Treasure Hunter 8. and also has about 35% tripple attack 10% double attack.
    Beastmaster is well geared towards Magical pets with a mix of acro/taeon alluvion skirmish armor 5 peices all augmented +20pet Mab +32-3pet regen -4Pet damage taken and with earrings Beastmaster also hits the needed amount of -pet damage taken to reach cap. also has Adad Amulet, Warden's Ring. 8/9 Twilight pieces,
    White Mage and Black mage share all the great personal buff gear, the nuke sets, the fast cast sets reaching up to 50% cap, and Cure potency always at cap also having -20~35% healing casting time down.

    MOst of the best gear in rare and unexchangable

    Zilart - 17
    Chais of Promathia - past Dawn
    Treasures of Aht Urgan - epilogue (Als captain rank with a runic disc)
    Wings of the Goddes Complete (moonshade earring)
    Seekers of Adoulin Complete (Weatherspoon ring)
    All Abyssea exspansions Beat and Complete. All the best Atmas available.
    Play time under 100 days.

    Character has all warps, Full Access including all 3 new Escha zones and Empyrean Paradox.
    10,000,000 on character with sellable items: Flume Belt, Impatiens, Witful Belt, Stikini Rings, Riftcinders, Ea Attire Pieces, Bihu Knife, Estimate 20,000,000 Its a Great Starter character

    I'm not asking for the world on this one but i dual boxed as far as i needed to and it was such an amazing tool to help my main character reach incredible heights and since it is a seperate account from my main i wont be continuing to pay for it, so i just dont want it to die out lol. GearSwap Files Available, Macros saved to server, i can assist 100% of the way.

    Since it has onlly the one Relic Gjallarhorn and most of the work can not be resold i will start @ $200 or best offer. Thank you. TritoneRagnarok
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    Status: Trade

    Hello, is this account EU or NA? How is the bard geared with Reforged AF / Relic / Empy ? Thank you

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