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    OwnedCore Report #83 - Interview with WoW Bot Creator Corthezz -Sponsored by Eldorado

    Welcome to the 83rd OC Report. This week I am glad to announce we got another participant for the Elders of OwnedCore and the full interview will be inside this Report. This week

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    Community Highlight

    We here at OC are always trying to improve the website by taking requests, suggestions, and more from the community. The community is the website so we really promote sharing your thoughts with us. This week Ashoran requested we add Achievements and Badges to OC. This is something that has kind of existed already and also been talked about internally to re-add in some variation or another. But before we really look into it we want community feedback first and foremost so if you have the time definitely head over to Ashoran's thread which I will link right below this text and let us know your ideas. Maybe you have your own variation of the same system that you think might fit better.

    Thread found HERE

    Elders of OwnedCore

    This might go against the main rule of Elders of OwnedCore but since it's hard to get participants these days who are Elders I took what I could get and I got something good. The interview this week is with an Elite ranked member who is a bot maker, programmer, and more for World of Warcraft right here on OC. Put your hands together for Corthezz

    Q:Can you tell us a little about who Corthezz is on OC?

    A:I am registered on OwnedCore since late 2011 and active in the private server aswell the memory editing section.

    Q: How did you find out about OwnedCore?

    A:When I got my first PC I was around 14 years old. The first thing I did beside discovering YouTube was installing WoW. Afterall the tower was that bad that I only got around 15 FPS in Orgrimmar. Since my Parents didn’t want to buy me a new one I started to google things like “How to tweak Windows for gaming” or “How to improve performance in WoW” which led me to some OwnedCore threads. I was very fascinated by all the information the site had to offer back then ??.

    Q:Did you instantly want to start contributing as much as you have?

    A:No. I was a leacher most of the time to be honest. Later on I started to release some simple model edits and after another few years I started programming myself.

    Q:How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

    A:Probably around 2 years. Then my focus moved completely to botting and later on to programming.

    Q:Was botting WoW always something you were passionate about?

    A:Definitely. Back then I even offered a levelling service on a different WoW platform. Thanks to this levelling service I got in contact with someone who developed a private bot back then (was around WotLK time).
    The bot had the possibility to write own fighting routines in C#. This was the first time I ever touched programming. I can stil remember how I used Notepad++ to write the classes and had no clue about Visual Studio at all .

    Q:Was WoW the first game you botted?

    A:Yes and it is still the only game.

    Q:You have a ton of 1.12 threads including Bot Sources, Hacks, Farms, etc. When Blizzard announced that Classic WoW will be based off of 1.12 was it music to your ears?

    A:Yes. I just love the simplicity of the game itself back then and the new anti-cheat and debug functionalities are looking quite interesting.

    Q:Will you be playing Classic WoW?

    A:100%. I have so many nice memories from back then: Sitting in TeamSpeak all night and just enjoying the game and the company of the people I met online. My plan is to get to R13. I know this might sound stupid to a lot of people but gaining this damn rank is like a goal for me since I discovered the ranking system.

    Q:What do you think Classic's lifespan will be?

    A:Around a year till Naxxramas is cleared and probably another year or two til the server starts dropping population? I never really thought a lot about this so my guess might be completely off haha.

    Q:Do you have any plans as far as bots, farms, etc for Classic WoW?

    A:I already have an evernote notebook dedicated to Classic WoW and the new anti cheat with all kind of information I could gather. Now I only need to stop procrastinating and finally start programming (starting was always the hardest part for me)

    Q:Can we expect to see the bot somewhere on OC?

    A:With Blizzard being that agressive towards bots and hacks I will rather try to provide useful stuff to the memory editing section instead of even thinking about offering a public tool. Beside from this I will probably make my work open source once I loose interest (however this decision will also be influced by people who help me / work with me and their state on this topic).

    Q:The consensus for WoW right now at least from what I have seen seems to be that Blizzard have cracked down on the botting to the point that it's not worth even trying to bot because you will get instantly banned. How true is this? I have noticed a huge decrease especially in Battlegrounds but that could also be due to Honorbuddy being shut down. Is creating a bot for Blizzard harder in 2019 than it has been before?

    A:From a programming point of view the entry level raised a lot but once you work yourself through all the new mechanisms writing a bot shouldnt be any different (we already found most relevant offsets). However keeping a public bot safe is something I am definetly not capable of which is also one of the reasons I wont even try to provide one.

    Q:What is your opinion on layering and Classic WoW? It seems most people have come to accept it since it is only staying for Phase 1.

    A:As long as it will only be active for a few weeks and I stil find enough people to group up and fight with I am fine.

    Q:Who is Corthezz in the real world?

    A:I am working at a company which developes individual software for all kind of customers. When I am not at work I am outside most of the time. I started boxing about 4 months ago and reconnected with a few friends from back then to do parkour again. Both sports are a very good compensation for sitting around all day at work.

    Q:Are there any other games you are playing or plan on playing in the near future outside of WoW?

    A:WoW is the only game I am waiting for. Otherwise I have a playstation where I play offline games like Dark Souls or RDR2 from time to time when I am bored.

    Q:How hard is it to get into bot making?

    A:Depends on the game. Private servers are great when you are just starting: The client wont change, the anti cheat mechanisms wont be updated, a lot of offsets and pointers are already available, you can create endless accounts and host your own server.

    Q:Would you recommend people to get into it?

    A:Definitely. You learn a lot about low level stuff you wouldn't touch otherwise. Also its way more exciting/rewarding than most kind of programming I ever did at school/university/work. I can still remember how awesome it felt when my first injected program made my character jump .
    In the process of creating ZzukBot I also touched all kind of topics which helped me a lot getting my first job as a developer:
    • Networking for authenticatio

    • Interacting with an unmanaged process (detouring functions, patching bytes etc.)

    • Dealing with the win api

    • Bringing organisation into a big project (at school we most of the time only wrote small programs which had no real purpose)

    • Touching topics like Pathfinding and Finite State Machine to define the behavior of the bot.

    Q:Has making bots helped you advance your knowledge of another field whether it be coding or something completely different?

    A:I think working with IDA made me better at solving puzzles lol.

    I wan't to thank Corthezz for his time. I am going to reach out to more people of all ranks who contribute to the website but still call the segment the same. If you have suggestions drop them down below!

    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    Normally I don't cover stuff like this in the Report simply because it goes under the drama section rather than news but since the news was kind of dry this week and this kind of falls under the topic of WoW I figured why not see if anybody has an opinion on the matter.

    The people in the picture above are Asmongold and Taliesin. If you don't know who they are let me fill you in really quickly. Asmongold is the biggest WoW streamer on Twitch by far and is known to be critical when the game makes questionable changes such as removing master loot, having LFR in the game, and most notably his disgust at the store mounts. On the other hand we have Taliesin who is from a Youtube channel called Taliesin and Evitel. This couple makes WoW content that kind of just goes over recent WoW news, lore, and just everything under the sun about WoW. Taliesin is known for being kind of on the opposite side of the spectrum as Asmongold when it comes to criticizing WoW. Taliesin usually looks at it all half glass full and tends to support a lot of their decisions.

    So what happened? Asmongold will watch Youtube videos on stream of other WoW content creators and basically react to it with his viewers. Sometimes these videos are from Taliesin and Evitel's channel. Yesterday Taliesin on his Twitch page went on a huge rant calling out Asmongold because he gets a lot of hate messages across all his platforms and he thinks they are coming from Asmongold's Twitch chat since Asmongold is critical of their videos due to his stance on a lot of the changes in the game. He partially attacks Asmongold saying his opinions are wrong and more. The big thing is Taliesin blames Asmongold for these messages he gets and says he needs to control his community.

    The question I have for everybody here is this. Is it the streamers responsibility what his community does?

    Some people say yes. That Asmongold is toxic and breeds toxic behavior to his 30,000 viewers.

    Others say no. That even if 100 people sent ludacris messages to Taliesin that is like 0.1% of Asmongold's chat. If anything that is pretty good control even though it's still 100 total messages.

    That is the insane TLDR of this but I wanted to know what everybody thought. If you want to go deeper you can watch this video below of Asmongold responding/reacting to Taliesin's rant about him.

    Clips of the Week

    Making the best of your weight

    Always listen to donators

    When you 1v3 the biggest Apex Legends streamer...and his squad

    ALWAYS believe chat as well

    EZ World Record
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