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    How to make a Custom Currency 3.3.5

    Decided to write this quickly because I was in the process of doing it anyway, and didn't see an updated guide posted elsewhere:

    What is a currency?
    - A currency is an item like Honor Points, ICC upgradable rings, Badge of Justice, Frozen Orb or Primordial Saronite.
    - A currency ID or (ItemExtendedCost) can be optionally used when adding items to vendors which will allow that vendor to sell an item for that currency.
    - You are defining not only the currency, but the quantity of that currency that is required when you make an ItemExtendedCost.
    - Following this you can make your own custom currency, which could be used to purchase your own custom items from your own custom vendors.

    How to Start?
    - Make a normal junk item that will become your currency.
    - Make sure it has an entryID (I'm using 80000 )
    - make sure it has a displayID. (I'm using 32878 )
    - fix things like the red question mark issue (How to fix Custom Item Red Question Mark 3.3.5).
    - Add it to your Database.
    - Login to the game.

    From Junk to Currency:

    - Download "DBCUtil"
    - Go to your Server .dbc files.
    - Copy "ItemExtendedCost.dbc" to desktop.

    - Drag ItemExtendedCost.dbc onto DBCUtil.exe to convert to ItemExtendedCost.dbc.csv

    - Download "Notepad++"
    - Open ItemExtendedCost.dbc.csv file with Notepad++

    Lines in this file generally look like this:


    The only column values you need to care about are: 1, 5 and 10.
    - 1 is the entryID of the ItemExtendedCost (just make this 80000 )
    - 5 is the entryID of your junk item being used as currency (That we just made)
    - 10 is the quantity of that item that will be required. (In this case 1)

    - Add this line to your file remembering to keep both commas.
    - make sure the file ends with an empty line.
    - Save the file and close it.

    - Drag ItemExtendedCost.dbc.csv back onto DBCUtil.exe to convert to ItemExtendedCost.dbc
    - Backup your original ItemExtendedCost.dbc.

    Client and Server update:

    - Replace the original ItemExtendedCost.dbc file in your Server/dbc folder with your new one.

    You will also need to patch your clientside files with the new ItemExtendedCost.dbc:
    - Download "Ladiks MPQ Editor"
    - Make a new empty MPQ.
    - Make sure the MPQ compatibility is set to 3.3.5.
    - Make an empty folder called "DBFilesClient" inside the MPQ.
    - add the ItemExtendedCost.dbc file to the MPQ.

    Creating the Vendor:

    - Add the entryID for your item that you want to sell.
    - Provide the Vendor with the ItemExtendedCost entryID (80000)

    What it looks like:

    Currency in Bags:

    Currency used by Vendor:

    Completed purchase:


    Q: All of my items cost 1 [Currency]! How do I make some items cost 10 [Currency] or 100 [Currency]?
    A: When you make a ItemExtendedCost ID you are defining both the entry ID of the Currency item to be used, and also the amount of that item required. To make some items cost 1 point and others cost 10 you require multiple ItemExtendedCost rows, increasing the amount variable (Column 10)
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    is There a possibility to add this currency to the currency list like emblem of frost? To keep inventory clean.

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