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    FBot - Tribal Wars Bot


    Status: Online


    FBot is a classic pixelbot working in the foreground. The development was focused mainly on highest safety for the user and imitation of human behaviour. Under those conditions efficiency was optimized.

    Status July 2019: FBot has already been tested by round about 30 users and worked very well as desired.

    Careful usage is - as on any other bots - assumed. 24/7 usage is not recommended.

    A machine can only work as good as it's operated.

    There is no guarantee for 100% ban avoidance. Use at own risk.


    • highest safety precautions
    • highest possible orientation towards human behaviour
    • very fast and efficient farming
    • easy to use and configure
    • farming with various villages possible (tribal wars premium account required)
    • time interval between waves adjustable (1 wave = all villages processed once)
    • automatic switch off
    • rest time
    • automatic login with world selection
    • option for slow internet connections
    • solving captchas (without pictures) and integrated systems to avoid captchas with pictures
    • notification function via e-mail if solving a captcha was not possible
    • comfortable and automatic updates
    • farm barbarian villages
      • farming with A, B and C
      • max range of barbarian villages adjustable (e.g. only the first 150 barbarian villages in the loot assistant will be attacked)
      • considering wall possible
      • detection of red and yellow reports and corresponding reactions
      • differentiation of farm templates if report shows full cargo
    • farm players


    • FBot works in the foreground but can be interrupted by mouse movement
    • simultanous usage of mobile app is possible
    • attention: changing groups in the app also changes groups in the browser
    • time interval for farming players is a minimum gap, main interval for waves is still decisive
    • ...


    • Windows OS or virtual machine (Windows 10 and 7 tested)
    • Google Chrome or Opera (Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge are not supported because of performance issues)
    • display scaling in Windows and browser at 100%
    • max 100 MB RAM
    • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher


    FBot is offered in two license variants, premium license and basic license. Thereby the license is bound to one device but can be transferred. Both license variants contain free of charge updates and full support.

    premium license basic license
    full range of functions 50% slower farming
    all safety precautions stay active
    no wall detection
    no farming with C
    no player farming
    license transfer free of charge license transfer 5
    18 per month 8 per month

    Before purchasing everyone has the opportunity to get a free trial of 3 days. Just send the displayed HWID to [email protected] and the access will be granted quickly. You can choose between premium and basic license. While testing technical support will be offered but i won't give advise for configuring the settings.

    Download: FBot

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