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    OwnedCore Report #74 -Classic Beta? >Sponsored by MMOGOLD4USA<

    Welcome to the 74th Report! This week not much happened in the gaming world of note but there are some interesting stories to say the least. We got some hints on a possible Classic WoW beta coming this week, Gm Island won't be returning in 8.2, a new Final Fantasy 7 cinematic, and more. If there is a classic beta how long would you want it to last?

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    Community Highlights

    Brawlers Guild Glitch by GameOverWow

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    GM Last Visit by Madorisiath

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    What are your top 3 favorite WoW mounts?

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    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    Classic WoW News

    Not much this week in Classic news but there is a rumor going around that seemed to start from TipsOut that a Classic WoW beta will be coming to us this week. Tips said in a Twitch chat the other day something that seems to prove that this is the case. I'll let you guys be the ones to decide.

    Tips is a huge content creator for Classic WoW and was one of the biggest voices on Youtube advocating for Classic. He also is a part of the Classic Cast podcast which got to interview the Classic WoW team at Blizzcon and have, what seems to be, a good relationship with the team. Basically what I am getting at is if anybody knows when the Beta is coming it's Tips. Therefore......BETA THIS WEEK HYPE TRAIN CONFIRMED CHOOOCHOOOOO. But seriously please god.

    If there is a Beta what level would you like to see the characters we make? In the demo we got to play around with level 15's so maybe level 30 or 40 this time? How long do you think the Beta should last?

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

    One of the most beloved Final Fantasy games ever is getting a remake and its been awhile since we got news on it. This week the Final Fantasy Youtube Channel dropped this cinematic and if you love Final Fantasy 7 then you're going to love this because its straight up epic.

    G.T.F.O Early Access

    This a game that is being made by the original creators of Payday and was announced back in 2017. It was supposed to be out by now and when I went looking as to why there was just typical "its taking longer than we expected" but I did see an interesting note on their Discord on how to give yourself the best chance at getting into Early Access. There was a question to a dev asking "Will it be a Closed Beta, Open, only for Ambassadors, Limited keys? And the dev responded with this:

    The first tests are Alpha tests, and the tests will be closed in the sense that you can't get in without having signed up as an ambassador beforehand. We want people who show genuine interest in the game so at this point we don't plan on letting stragglers into the tests. Therefore, your friends who you think would enjoy GTFO, will depend on you to let them know about it! In other words: The only way to be sure that you'll be able to play the Alpha/Beta tests with your friends is to recruit them to the 10 Chambers Ambassador program!
    So if you are into a game like this and want to get in the early access that seems to be coming this summer just click here and hit ambassador up top. Becoming one is simply just submitting your email and you can uncheck the boxes below to not receive marketing stuff. Doing so will not disqualify you from a chance at early access. This game could be really good so simply spreading the word.

    Gloomhaven early access
    Speaking of early access one of the most highly rated and most popular board games of 2018 is going digital multiplayer and all. The company behind it announced A Summer Surprise just a couple days ago saying they will have early access this summer. Nobody knows how to get in but you can stay up to date on the steam store page here. I personally played this game on Tabletop Simulator and it's amazing. I am not a huge board game player but it had me hooked. It is also being made by Flaming Fowl Studios who apparently are reputable for making good board games into digital versions.

    Clips of the Week

    Streamer nails the high note in Dream On

    Gnomes = Magic confirmed

    Fortnite eSports


    Apparently the number 4 is Chinese
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