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    OwnedCore Report #70 - The 8.2 Breakdown >Sponsored by MMOGOLD4USA<

    Hello OwnedCore and welcome to the 70th OwnedCore Report. A new milestone I never thought we would hit but here we are. Unlike the last two weeks we will not haven an Elders of OwnedCore segment this week. I contacted 4 people but none got back to me therefore I will be contacting a new batch so we can hopefully continue it next week. Outside of that we have community highlights, clips of the week, and a breakdown of everything coming in what seems to be the patch that will make or break BFA, 8.2.

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    Community Highlights

    Get next season PvP Upgraded items by Speedahx

    Thread found HERE

    The ultimate Burning Crusade content farm with video inside by Advanta. A must watch

    Thread found HERE

    Classic PvP System confirmed

    Thread found HERE

    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    8.2 Summary

    8.2, the patch that people hope saves BFA, has had its official information dump via a Blizzard livestream recently. So what exactly is coming? Here’s a breakdown.

    Heart of Azeroth

    • There is a new progression system for the Heart of Azeroth that looks scary similar to the old glyph system and also the Legion artifact.

    • You slot the icons from the right either into a big node or one of the smaller nodes. When slotting an essence into a big node it gives you its “Major Power” which is usually an active and if you slot it into a smaller node you gain its Minor Power which is a passive that seems to be more of a flat damage increase or defense increase type addition. An example of what an essence looks like can be seen here . In total you get 1 Major Power, 2 Minor Powers, and the filler nodes which are the green diamonds and they tend to be also flat damage increases for the most part.

    • You gather Essences from every type of content you can think of. PvP, Raids), dungeons, and more. The Essences also come with multiple rarities of the same Essence. Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions are all available. So if it comes from a raid the legendary version of that essence most likely comes from Mythic. The Blue and Purple versions of Essences greatly increase their power and the legendary version seems to be a visual only upgrade of the Essence so you stand out more when using it.

    2 New Zones


    • Large zone that most of the story continues inside of. It is the capital city of the nagas which is ruled by Queen Azshara. The zone is under sea level but is not a underwater zone. It seems to be surrounded by large waterfalls. Other things Nazjatar will include are the following

    • 5 Subzones

    • PvP Zone Objectives

    • Assistants with friendship bars which is like the MoP Tillers.

    Some of these friends, like the Gilbin for the Horde (a goblin with fins), have extra perks. Using the Gilbin as an example, you'll be able to see new hidden treasures using the Gilbin as a friend, and some of these treasures contain items which start quests that further the Gilbin's personal storyline.

    The Alliance will befriend a Deep Sea Tribe (possibly Jinyu-themed) while the Horde befriends former Naga slaves--crabs, Glibin, sea giants.
    - WoWHead

    • New rewards including mounts, pets, and transmog.

    • New Raid with 8 bosses including Queen Azshara herself.


    An ancient gnomish city located on an unexplored island is going to be playable in 8.2. The new Timeless Isle as some people are saying. This is a zone that has an endless grind if you are into that sort of thing. Dailies, Rares, killing mobs for scrap which is like a timeless coin, etc. Some other things include:

    A new dungeon similar to Karazhan in size with 8 bosses.[/list]

    Pets, Mounts, Rewards[/list]

    Island Expeditions and PvP.

    The beloved Island Expeditions, which are the PvP/PvE hybrid with a ton of potential, are getting some love. Two new Island Expeditions, Crestfall and Snowblossom, are being added. Crestfall is the site of a great battle from WC3 and Snowblossom is a Pandaren Island including Vermin from the Valley of Four Winds.

    As far as PvP they get A TON of stuff. Here’s the list:

    • New Arena

    • Oh and Ashran is coming back….


    Gnomes and Taurens are getting their Heritage armor and if that totem is transmoggable then count me in.

    Also mount equipment is finally being added. This has been a fan request by many for so long and it is finally being implemented into the game but at a cost. The Azure Water Strider will no longer be able to walk on water. So how does it work?

    You get 1 equipment slot and 3 were showed off during the 8.2 preview.

    • Saddlechute - Emergency parachute that will deploy when dismounted high in the air

    • Inflatable Mount Shoes - Allows mount to water walk

    • Comfortable Rider’s Barding - Prevents you from being dazed while mounted

    So what if you grinded the Azure Water Strider for water walking and now it doesn’t have it? Well apparently you get a discount on the water shoe equipment permanently if you had the mount prior to 8.2 release.

    Clips of the Week

    Rub mustard on my what?

    O.G Ninja is back

    Exactly what crowds at eSport events don't want

    When you're new to Dark Souls

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