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    [PC]Apex Legends Cheats For Sale ✅[ESP]✅[Aimbot] ✅[Item ESP]✅[Menu] ✅[Cheap]✅[Safe]

    Cheat Status: Undetected
    Updated: June 9th, 2019 @ 8:01AM EST
    (We always update the status so everyone knows how safe the cheat is at all times!)
    Fully updated and compatible with the latest update!

    [PC ONLY]
    To start off we would like to say we have been here since 2013 providing legitimate high-quality services. We have 1000s upon 1000s of vouches/reviews from other websites/communities so do not hesitate to ask we will show you.

    We now are offering an Apex Legends Cheat with a multitude of functions. Aimbot, ESP, and In-Game Menu functions all for sale. To purchase, please use our contact information listed below in the post. We also have a discord channel you may join for support for paid members. The goal is to strive to be safe, secure, transparent, affordable, and accessible. With this cheat there is NO BUY-IN FEES AT ALL!

    The cheat also has exclusive features such as several aimbot tweeks like silent aim and features like streamsafe to help you avoid getting reported and remain safe even while streaming! The cheat has been loaded up with every feature possible so you can blend in, look legit and avoid getting reported at the same time while remaining champion! We have also added extra proactive security measures such as an HWID Spoofer and are using a private EAC bypass.

    (Limited slots will be available, we have the right to deny purchase)
    (We have the right to verify who you are and ask for identification before/after you purchase, this ensures the cheat remains safe for all of our users.)

    30 minutes = Free Trial
    1 Day = $15
    3 Days = $40
    1 Week =$70
    1 Month = $120
    3 Months = $190
    Lifetime = Contact us to discuss

    Our cheat allows for you to easily test and enjoy the cheat for a reasonable price almost risk-free. Another thing to mention is we have absolutely no fee to buy-in and start using the cheat.


    General Features
    - Auto Updates
    - Simple Loading Process
    - Controller Support
    **- Fully Undetected Private EAC Bypass**
    **- HWID Spoofer**
    - Advanced configuration with in-game menu
    - Windowed/Fullscreen Support
    - **OBS Streamproof** (Stream using OBS and your audience won't see the cheats)
    - No performance impacts while running cheat.
    - Supports all versions of Windows 7/10
    - Menu Color Customization

    Aimbot Features
    - Toggle Aimbot ON/OFF
    - **Silent Aim**: means your bullets will hit enemy target even if your crosshair is not on the enemy completely.
    - Team Checks
    **- Visibility Checks**
    - Aim Key ON/OFF (Hold a button to toggle aimbot ON/OFF, if Aim Key is OFF shoot will be the lock-on button. If you are using a controller take Aim Key OFF)
    - High Performance Aimbot (Includes: "FOV" and "Smooth" aim options so you can adjust/fine-tune the aimbot to your own personal preferences.
    - Bullet-Drop Prediction
    - Velocity Prediction
    - Aim Down Sight (ADS) Aimbot ON/OFF
    - FOV Visible (Shows a box that shows your Field of View of where the aimbot will lock on)
    - Choose where the aimbot locks on (Head, Eye, Chest)
    - Smooth Scale Settings
    - FOV Settings

    - ESP Enabled
    - Draw Bounding Box
    - Glow Enabled
    - Draw Names
    - Draw Items
    - Enemy/Friendly Color Customizations

    *Item ESP*
    - Show Weapon
    - Show Ammo
    - Show Healing
    - Show Attachment
    - Show Special
    - Show Shield
    - Show Grenade
    - Show Scope

    - Mini-Radar
    - Radar Customizations
    - Custom Crosshair

    **We are also accepting resellers, resellers will be given a lower price in bulk to resell, please contact us directly about reselling**

    Contact Information
    Text SMS, Kik Mobile-App or Skype
    *(Use Kik for fastest response):

    My Kik: redblood_dk
    Chat with me on Kik!

    Text Message SMS(USA & CANADA ONLY):+1(310)694-5430

    My Skype: Live:redblood_dk
    Click Here to Add My Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/ctoqhte9duL7
    *Please send a missed call on Skype to make sure your friend request has gone through.

    My Discord: BrownMagician#8007

    Terms of Service
    By purchasing, you understand that there are absolutely no refunds under any circumstances. We are also not responsible for any bans/action that may or may not occur. Keep in mind that NO CHEAT can guarantee you 100% safety at all but we always use every method possible to keep you as safe as possible without any issues! When issues go down we always warn everyone and close sales immediately until things are re-worked. As usual the game is new and this will always be a non-stop constant work in-progress to get this absolutely perfect.

    By purchasing, you also understand that it is possible that development / continuation of the cheat may no longer be supported due to external factors outside of our control. If external factors cause the cheat to shutdown permanently (which is a possibility with any cheat provider) no refunds will be given. However, rest assured the cheat has been running smoothly with only minor issues since launch of the game. The cheat is developed by a highly skilled development team that can tackle all current as well future issues to ensure the cheat is always highly stable, safe, and secure.

    - RAGE-CHEAT AT YOUR OWN RISK. There is now a report feature in-game, so avoid getting massively reported, and stay under the radar, especially when other people are spectacting you.
    - You use the product at your own risk, only god knows what will happen tomorrow.
    - Limited slots will be available, we have the right to deny purchase.
    - We have the right to verify who you are and ask for identification before/after you purchase, this ensures the cheat remains safe for all of our users.

    This service is run as a separate entity of OwnedCore.com and BrownMagician. OwnedCore and BrownMagician accept no responsibility under any circumstance. By purchasing this service, you relieve OwnedCore and BrownMagician of all legal responsibility. All payments received are for the time required for guidance and tutorial with you, to pass and share the knowledge.
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    Free trials are now being offered! Contact us directly if you are interested in one.

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    Cheat is back updated, fully tested, and back to UNDETECTED after the major security update by EAC that was done recently. We had to take it back down to ensure everything was perfect before doing another release.

    It is back up now and running perfectly fine on the newest update. Enjoy.

    Free Trials are still Available!!!, so if you messaged already please message again, and if have not keep in mind 30-minute trials are available to ensure you are completely satisfied before you even purchase!​

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