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    OwnedCore Report #65: H1Z1 is back >Sponsored by MMOGOLD4USA<

    Lucky number 65? This week in gaming was a little dry to say the least but who would have expected H1Z1 to try making a comeback. Along with H1Z1 coming back we have the new Path of Exile Synthesis league came out Friday. This is a pretty big league with a cool mechanic that feels a lot like Pipe Dream the old Windows game. Other than news we have clips of the week, community highlights, and more!

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    Community Highlights

    This exploration thread by SenpaiExplorerChicks goes over the Ironforge Airfield Gate to Aegrim's Study. Video inside.

    Thread found HERE

    An easy way to make 500 Gold AFK by Advanta. I repeat, make gold while AFK!

    Thread found HERE

    1 Shot AOE usable in PVP, World Quests, and normal Questing by Twistedfear

    Thread found HERE

    Faster TOT mount farming for pet classes! An amazing trick by rr2109

    Thread found HERE

    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    POE: Synthesis

    Path of Exile's new league, Synthesis, is officially out. This new league has a ton of patch notes and skill tree changes . Like with any league there is a new mechanic that is like Pipe Dream but for POE. The consensus seems to be that melee is not where it should be and that spell skills seem to be dominant but no worries for you melee lovers next league is when we will see a major overhaul of melee across the board. Either way there is no better time for an ARPG lover right now than a Path of Exile League. Fresh builds, fresh start, big changes, and new stuff to do.

    Z1 Battle Royale

    H1Z1 is back...kind of. One of the first stand alone Battle Royales is giving it one last shot. H1Z1, now known as Z1 Battle Royale, has returned. NantG promised a King of the Kill-era H1Z1 which a lot of the community who stuck around the longest asked for and they got it. Daybreak is no longer the developer for Z1 Battle Royale. Some features from this time period that players wanted back were the weapon recoil, movement, and animations. Also a lot of items that were not marketable are now marketable on Steam so if you played H1Z1 back in the day I highly recommend checking your Steam inventory because you might find some gems in there worth a pretty penny.

    I gave Z1 Battle Royale a shot with some friends who also played H1Z1 and to be frank it just isn't a good game by today's standards. As somebody who has over 200 hours in H1Z1 and thought it was an amazing game back when it was relevant, this new version is just washed out. The shooting is clunky, the movement is clunky, the vehicles are clunky, and worst of all they didn't even bring back the original map that a lot of players fell in love with. Overall I don't think this reboot will be successful long term. I can understand the charm of the shit show H1Z1 was back in 2014 but going back to that shooting recoil and movement feels awful. After playing current BR's like Fortnite and Apex Legends it is really hard to play something like Z1 Battle Royale. Who can blame them for trying to cash in while Battle Royale's are still hot?

    Games coming out soon

    Division 2 comes out in just 5 days. This could be promising with the promise of more Dark Zones, bigger Dark Zone parties and just overall gameplay improvements from Division 1. One issue I found back in Division 1 was how tanky everybody became in PVP. I remember a distinct clip of Summit1G going up point black on a guy with a sniper and headshotting him and the guy was fine. It took 4 of those point black sniper headshots to kill him. To me personally this was one of the worst parts about Division and especially its PVP. Tanky classes are cool but that level is ridiculous. If they change features like that and some other things this could be a great game. One thing recently talked about is how there is a 100gb patch day 1 for the game that is required to play even with the disc. So make sure you have lots of space on your PC or console for this one.

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the most wishlisted game on Steam, comes out in a little under 2 weeks. This game is bade by From Software who is mostly known for the Dark Souls series but also Tenchu a classic stealth game from the early console days. This game looks fantastic. Apparently it was going to be a new Tenchu in early development but decided to make it more of a Dark Souls style game. So if you liked Tenchu and Dark Souls this might be the perfect middle ground game. A couple things to note is that there will be no classes and only one weapon. In Sekiro you progress through a talent tree and skill upgrades and additions. This was apparently done so that the game can focus more on the story and not so much creating a unique build. Also they wanted to get away from seeing dozens of weapons drop that you want nothing to do with since they don't fit the build you currently are going. All in all this is a must buy in my eyes.

    WoW Classic Class Picking Guide

    If you weren't around during Vanilla WoW and never tried a private server but are interested in the release of Classic WoW then this is the video for you. Classic WoW is a different animal than retail and a lot of what you know about WoW probably doesn't exist in Classic. This video goes over in depth each class in Classic WoW and what you can expect if you play it. It touches on PVP, PVE, and just overall gameplay. For example if you are interested in a Shadow Priest and are strictly a PVE player you might be shocked to find out that Shadow Priests are pretty garbage in PVE and almost never taken into group content and usually only 1 is taken into raid and only to buff warlock's shadow damage where as if you love PVP Shadow is a A+ tier spec. If you are interested in the Warlock but forgot you need Soul Shards not only for pets but some of your core abilities then this video is here to remind you. Not only will you need to stock up but since they don't stack in your inventory you will need very big bags. Each class has its own section and I saw a comment below the video with time stamps for each class if you are not interested in all of them.

    Clips of the Week

    The return to PUBG goes just as you would expect (Warning VERY LOUD)

    Dante receives a gift

    Dr. Disrespect coaches Astralis, CS:GO's Major Champions

    Shroud hits 100k Subs on Twitch

    Player now holds the world record on all 200 TrackMania maps

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