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    World of Warcraft Assistant Tools

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    Learn more @ !!!!!

    Join our forum @ !!!

    We offer tools to make your experience in World of Warcraft more enjoyable.

    We don't cater to professional farmers, we cater to lifelong players.

    We offer a full solution to enhance your World of Warcraft experience.

    1) Gold farming tools

    2) Leveling and Grinding tools to level your many alts

    3) Combat Rotation solution to achieve consistent, hands-free parses.

    **Our gold making solution is a fishing bot with stationary grinding w/ looting to come later. We don't offer an herb bot.

    Leveling tools are in beta stage, but have successfully leveled 110-120 in about a week.

    Our CR parses are only around 60%, and our CR solution is not meant to take you to the top of the charts. We've set a goal to hit 80% parse before the next expansion. For our purposes, 60% is more than sufficient.

    Due to the nature of our products, an application is required before purchase. We ask for your patience during the upcoming vetting process. This process may go on for several days. Your subscription time will be compensated for the time spent waiting should you choose to purchase. To view our product offerings, please register on our forums. Once registered, you can learn more about the products we offer, and the application / purchase process.
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