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    Promo Price $7 USD = 100M Shadow arena + Grinding package!!

    Promo Price $70USD = 1bil
    Offer only with direct paypal payment

    Our Discord: Raisebuddy#5405
    Email: [email protected]
    Our Website: Black Desert Online Professional MMORPG Gaming Service - Raisebuddy

    Blessing of Kamasylve (pearl shop or Loyality shop)10% Sliver bonus if we have it.

    Please make sure you have the VALUE PACK ACTIVATED and have at least 1PET.

    Level REQUIRED at least level 56 up with AWAKENING.

    With a CURRENT gear score AP/AWAKE POINTS/DP of 100+/120+/150+.
    Character NAME you want to LEVEL/FARM.

    100M (24Hours)
    200M (36Hours)
    500M (4-5Days)
    1B (7-8Days)
    2B (11-13Days)
    3B (19-20Days)
    4B (26-27Days)
    5B (32-33Days)

    Other guild payout service
    Why Choose us?
    Fair and affordable prices without the risk!
    Using the guild payout method there is 0 risk to your account! No account share!

    Once you complete your purchase msg me your family name along with when you'll be on and off guild cooldown (there is a 24 hour wait time once you leave a guild)
    Once you're in the guild you'll get the purchased amount of silver instantly in your mail on payday

    After patch 01/30 to guild payout, We are recuiting long term Guild payout members!!

    Need join in guild 2 weeks in advance apprentice time in order to Start received guild payout due to system policy.
    Contact us to join guild before place order.

    About us:
    We are a team composed of more than 10+ people working Morning and Night Shift 24/7.
    We know every bit of knowledge in the game and we use it wisely.
    We approach every client individually, doing what’s possible to satisfy you.
    We are a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable of playing this game since 2 year ago and we are ready to boost your accounts.
    We guarantee that all accounts will be boosted legitimately and we use no hacks or external programs.
    We don't use bots or any third party program.
    We do not hire people on the side to do the work for us. All activities are performed by us, without using any soft.
    We do not disclose any personal information, including your account details and our private conversations.
    We directly hired by you so there's no account sharing nor middle-man involved in our dealing.
    We can stop what we are doing if you want to use your account.
    We don't stop your happiness or let your boredom strikes.
    24/7 round the clock working Stop and Play anytime.
    Flexible schedules for every time zone.
    Your account is 100% safe.
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