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    Feedback System & Feedback System Suggestions

    Hello. I am a World of the Warcraft account seller and i want to talk about feedback system.

    Like all of you know, you need to have Premium Thread for collect feedbacks and it expires in short period of time. So you need to renew your Premium topic every week for being able to collect more feedbacks. But issue is, Premium topic is very expensive and 1 week is not fair in my opinion. Since selling gaming accounts requires so much time. Especially like my accounts which is cost mostly beetwen 1.000 to 10.000 Euro. But also for new sellers, it can take so much more time to gain trust of people for sell their products. Since feedbacks are like papers. If you have a pen(experience), you have to be able to fill the paper and show it to people. But if there is no paper, you cannot proof your talent and skills are real.

    So my suggestion for that issue is, same system which is currently using by EpicNPC; Merging feedbacks beetwen trustable platforms. So maybe verified & well known sellers/buyers/traders can merge their feedbacks with their Ownedcore accounts. For example i would love to merge my EpicNPC feedbacks with my Ownedcore accounts. If authorized people can think about a solution, that would be amazing.

    Since most of the people who collected good amount of feedbacks back in the day, currently has lower market share and lower quality of service than many hungry and smart seller. But if you ask to me, this is not fair since old sellers are sitting with over +100 feedback but new seller haven't had that chance. Personally i know many reseller who is having issues about this feedback system. Especially sellers who works only on Ownedcore. I have not any issue about selling account since i have already a known name in the market but still, i would love to collect feedback about my sales without paying ''or'' paying once for just being able to receive feedbacks.

    Since i had very hard times about showing my legitimity on people at my early days. So i can understand their struggle about that situation and if my suggestions can change somethings in a better way for new sellers and current resellers, i would be very happy.

    Best Regards,
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    I don't think feedback between different sites should be taken into consideration to be honest.

    Different sites have different requirements and standards for feedback, and can get feedback from totally unrelated activities. Moderation standards are different. All sorts of issues like that. Hell, I'm even banned on your example platform because I refused to cooperate with one of their moderators ridiculous requests.

    You don't share feedback between an eBay store and an Amazon Marketplace store, but if a buyer was interested enough in your product or service they can research that for themselves pretty easily.

    "Trade Feedback" as a number isn't really a sole determining factor anyway. Written feedback from users, especially repped users always has, and always will mean a lot more than a feedback score when it comes to forum based trading.

    It can be tough for new sellers to get into any market, but that's how the market works. You have to prove yourself, but you don't need to pay money to prove yourself.

    It's just my own opinion though. Maybe the Admins see it differently, I don't know. Nice topic for discussion though.
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