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    NA Server Latency Variations?

    I notice that on some connections, I will have an average of 20-30 ping in game, and other times I will have an average of 70-90 ping. Has anyone done any digging into the possibility of force connecting to the low ping host or connection route?

    After researching myself, it's known that D3 is only hosted from the LA located server so there technically shouldn't be an east/west coast server theory. This leads me to believe that the connection has something to do with the routing path in regards to ping in game. I wanted to look into something in the realm of force connecting to the low latency connection by blocking specific connection ports through a firewall. The only problem is, I'm not really sure how, or ever where, to begin.. so I figured I'd reach out to the community here.

    I know this may seem irrelevant as for the fact that I do not suffer from lag, or rubber banding while in game, on the 20's ping, or 70's ping server. But in an attempt to retain anonymity, I can offer a minimalist explanation. I build a specific abilities stacks faster on the 20 ping server in comparison to the 70 ping server. SIGNIFICANTLY faster.. which at the current clear I'm attempting, will be a heavy factor weighing into the clear potential. Unfortunately I've found my self in not only a rift fishing situation, but first a server fishing, AND rift fishing situation as well.


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    You can check the IP of the server you are connected to in Resource Monitor in windows, maybe you can confirm there if they are using a host somewhere other than LA.

    I dont' think blocking specific ports will help you here

    You could also try using a VPN hosted in LA to further investigate

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