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    MS2 Alls Server Powerleveling /Dungeon Run /Chaos Run /Treva Farm

    The list :

    Level 1 - 50 = $20 in 1 day or less (my record is 9 hour)

    Level 1 - 60 = $30 in 2 day or less

    Level 50 - 60 = $10 in 1 day or less (record is 2-3 hour depend on how many the crowd in 1 server are)

    Custom Leveling from Any level to 50 or to 60 = we can discuss the price

    Get DISCOUNT if you need me to boost your multiple character (in 1 account)

    Adding new Service

    Dungeon Run (need to use your account, not afk dungeon)

    Normal Dungeon = $0.5 each run

    Hard Dungeon = $1 each run

    CHAOS RUN (Need to use your account, not carry/afk dungeon)

    NORMAL DEV = $2 each run | $5 for 3 run

    HARD DEV = $4 each run | $10 for 3 run

    NORMAL MOC = $4 each run | $10 for 3 run
    HARD MOC = $7 each run | $18 For 3 run

    Term and Condition for chaos run

    - Need to use your account first to try your damage, if its enough as i expected, i can clear it with your account

    - It will take time for me because its not harder to clear it, it just hard to find some good party

    - The only class i can't clear it just HG (Because i don't know how to add clear yet) , Thief (Because its dificult to master) , Knight (i don't really know when to use the bulwark and dc strat)

    - I can't doing cdev run in South America region due to languange and ping too high for me, i'm so sorry about this.

    Treva Farm

    1k treva = $2

    Contact : Discord = SakataReodan#7618

    Payment via Paypal F&F

    condition :

    -boosting/power leveling with my own energy (no need to use bot and do it legally), if your account banned because of boosting, you can get refund or i will boost another your account again

    -All item for powerleveling service and dungeon you keep the item, because no benefit for me to take all the item from you

    -also i'm using vpn to match your location even if you playing from SEA/asian, as long vpn match which server you play

    -i'm human being, so i need rest, pls be patience if i'm not accepting your friend request in discord, i might be still sleeping/rest
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    Status: Trade

    Just bought his service, i was already lvl 38, and he was really nice and was up to negotiate a fair price, the service was delivered fast. Very nice guy!

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    Status: Trade

    Got his service, for Trevas and also for CMOC (asked for 6 runs) and everything went perfect.
    Perfect comunication, no payment problems, fast done.
    Nice person, I will buy again if needed
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