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    OwnedCore Report #42

    Hey there and welcome back to OwnedCore's 42nd Report. This week was a pretty interesting one and jam packed with gaming stuff to talk about. We got Mario Party being a success, Blizzcon's 2018 schedule release, virtual ticket merch revealed, and more. Also we have a podcast in the works which should be really fun and if you have any ideas for guests we should reach out to definitely reply with those ideas below. Now on to the report.

    Community Highlights

    Shiekrunner123 has been consistently providing amazing exploits in the WoW section and most include videos such as this "How to skip to the endboss in Atal'Dazar"

    Thread found HERE

    Apzdalaran shares a guide on how the Plundered Crimson Captain's Hat is stackable. Also includes an IMGUR Album guide.

    Thread found HERE

    This is a follow up to his guide from last week. Advanta shows us how to use TWO characters to level up ONE account. Video included.

    Thread found HERE

    Gaming News From Around The Globe

    Blizzard - Blizzcon - Diablo

    There is a ton of news right now under the Blizzard umbrella so I am going to try packing it all in one section.

    We lost our President

    No no Trump is still in office for all you U.S. readers. This time we lost a more important President, Mike Morhaime. Mike Morhaime was the co-founder of Blizzard and has been with the company for 27 strong years. Think about the balls it took to create an online company such as Blizzard and just constantly push the threshold of online gaming especially back when online gaming wasn't seen as the future by everybody. Mike will go down in the hall of fame of gaming because of this great company. Without Mike there most likely isn't an OwnedCore. As Kurios said in his interview with me in our 40th Report, this website was directly made for World of Warcraft when it started. No Mike no WoW. So on behalf of everybody here at OwnedCore, thank you Mike Morhaime. As far as his replacement it will be the "you think you do but you don't" man himself, J. Allen Brack.

    What does this mean for Blizzard?
    I don't think it means much at all. Anybody with theories of how this is going to specifically impact Classic WoW one way or another is blowing smoke. The man is now in charge of the whole kitten caboodle not just World of Warcraft.

    Blizzcon's Schedule
    Blizzcon's 2018 Schedule has officially been revealed to us. As always a ton of theories are flying around as to what games are going to get big news, what games will not, and everything else in between. To view the schedule click HERE

    First and foremost lets dive into what is by far the most juicy topic, Diablo. Diablo 3 is all but dead and POE has completely taken over the ARPG scene. We have seen a ton of job posts for the game on Blizzard's official website and we also got some announcements such as its port to the Switch AND the rumor that it will have a Netflix series coming soon. But this can't be it right? Based on this years Blizzcon schedule I would say we are getting much much more and here's why. If you open the schedule linked above you may notice that on the biggest stage 'Mythic' there are a ton of "What's Next" panels for each individual game throughout the day. Well Diablo happens to be the first. This is big. For starters Diablo wasn't even on the main stage for anything last year so that alone is huge. BUT even better is that at the last 3 Blizzcon's the "What's Next" that came right after the Opening Ceremony was by far the years biggest announcement. Well...Diablo is in that slot.

    Now we can begin with the theories since it is almost 100% we are getting a new Diablo game. I'll list the most popular I have seen via /r/Diablo.

    • Diablo 4 with the kicker that it is Open World (Like Lost Ark)

    • Diablo 2 Remastered (Nobody wants Diablo 1)

    • The Netflix series is the big announcement

    If you have any theories please post them below.

    Classic WoW will also be making an appearance at Blizzcon 2018 which was pretty much confirmed even before the schedule release because they announced that Virtual Ticket owners and Blizzcon attendees will be getting a WoW Classic Demo. They call it "Restoring History: Creating WoW Classic" and it is at 6:30 EDT Saturday, November 3rd. I still think Classic might be a ways out but some people think we are getting it during BFA's last patch content drought. That makes sense for sure but I am just not so confident that it is even remotely close to finished.

    PSN Name Changes may be coming in 2018.

    Did you make your PSN when you were 12 and are now in University playing NBA 2K with your friends under the gamer tag Xx-_-JuiiCYSNiiPeZxX? Well you might be able to set yourself free according to an article by Kotaku.com.

    Three people at three different game studios, speaking anonymously because they were not authorized to talk to press, said that in recent months they’ve been fixing bugs, tweaking settings, and ensuring that their games are compatible with Sony’s plans.

    A fourth person who worked for a game studio shared a photo, obtained from internal Sony documentation, of a PSN profile containing the option “edit username.” The documentation was a guide for changing one’s name on the PlayStation Network, that person said. - Kotaku.com
    As of now it doesn't look like there's a timeframe but at lot of websites are reporting by the end of 2018. Some things to consider with this will are:

    • Will it be free?

    • Do old names become available after being inactive for awhile?

    • Does logging into old names secure them or will you need to purchase something on it?

    Super Mario Party

    I don't own a Switch sadly so I cannot give you a hands on review but I have watched a lot of streamers play and seen a ton of hilarious clips of Nintendo's latest installment to the Mario Party franchise. The 20 year old franchise is back and first to 5 gems wins which you get after completing the 5 major modes.

    Mario Party Mode
    This mode includes all the classic mini games and rolling your dice on the virtual board game to move along. There are 4 boards in total in this mode with a total of 80 mini games.

    Partner Party Mode

    This is similar to Mario Party Mode. There are more paths on the board and obstacles but this mode includes team play similar to Mario Party 6.

    River Survival and Sound Stage Mode

    These are both new to Mario Party's franchise. In River Survival you play with 3 others riding down a river (kind of like Oregon Trail style) but while doing this there are mini games to be played.

    In Sound Stage mode you are playing exclusively rythm based games such as copying dance moves.

    Challenge Road Mode
    This is a single player mode that has a lot of challenge and looks like a mini campaign.

    As far as the online multiplayer it is completely FFA. You play 5 random mini games and just try racking up the most points. That is literally it. No board, no coop modes, nothing like that. Overall, very lackluster online mode.

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