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    OwnedCore Report #33

    Yes yes I know we are a day late on this one my apologies! Took a weekend vacation with some friends and got home super late last night. But no worries the Report must go on. Welcome to our 33rd OwnedCore Report where we discuss all things OwnedCore, highlight some of our communities best threads, and discuss gaming and sometimes tech from around the globe.

    Community Highlights

    Need EXP and fast? Blizzhaxer has you covered with this great find. Chests in the underbelly are apparently giving 9k XP when looted and 16K XP when rested.

    • To check out the thread click HERE

    Looking to farm Titanium and Saronite ore while Wintergrasp is still going on? Teryaki found a cool way to still use a flying mount inside allowing you to do so.

    • To check out the thread click HERE

    Have 2 WoW accounts at your disposal? If so it turns out you can fully heal your pets inside the Celestial Tournament and we know how thanks to iinfii. Anything to make this tournament easier is a blessing.

    • To check out the thread click HERE

    News from Around the Globe

    Warbringers: Sylvanas

    The second installment of the BFA Warbringer videos was released almost a week ago and this time it covered Sylvanas and what happened at Teldrassil. For a long time we have been wondering who burnt the tree down ever since we saw that teaser picture of it burning with Sylvanas standing nearby. Well it turns out the answer was right in front of us the whole time to many peoples surprise. SPOILER ALERT it was Sylvanas. Now this had a lot of players up in arms and some even go as far as sending hate to the people in charge of the story for WoW. Why were people so mad? Well Blizzard has been saying from the beginning that the writing is going to be "morally grey" which has now turned into a huge meme. But the problem is so far this has not been true. The initial lead up quests to BFA in Silithus, Sylvanas has been getting typed cast as a villain. She's attacking the Alliance because she wants Azerite for the Horde. In the recent pre-patch campaign you slaughter towns of Night Elves and burn down the tree. None of this is "morally grey" and players assumed there would be more of a plot twist and not just Sylvanas burning down a city of civilians. So far its arguable that she is acting more evil than Garrosh at this point.

    Now with all this being said there are some theories as to maybe a bigger picture at play here. I have seen a picture where Sylvanas is talking to Saurfang about how she did it because she felt the Alliance was on the verge of acting first so she went ahead and did it herself. This can be seen HERE. I have also heard theories that she is trying to build a bigger army than the current Lich King because she knows he is losing control of himself and she would rather raise the dead or burn the living herself than let him raise them. And there are many more. But one thing I know is there has to be something more at play here otherwise a lot of players will probably be upset. I personally was hoping Gallywix burnt the tree to start a war in which he would profit off of. Either way, what do you guys think about this cinematic and what it means for the WoW lore and more importantly in this case, Horde lore?

    Old Soldier
    Now after the Warbinger controversy this video came out only a couple days after. This cinematic is taking place after Sylvanas burnt the tree but before the BFA Trailer battle at Undercity. It is a very detailed 6 minutes covering Saurfang's struggle with what Sylvanas did, how he lost his son, and how somebody else reminds him the Horde is all we have. That somebody was Zekhan otherwise known as Zappyboi. A troll shaman also in the cinematic who reminds Saurfang what he stands for and keeps him from making a grave mistake. Text doesn't do this cinematic justice so I can only recommend watching it. To me, this will go down as one of the best Blizzard has ever produced as far as cinematics go. The attention to detail, the emotion, it all just works. I guess the real question is: Did Blizzard release this so soon after the Sylvanas Warbringer to save face? Personally I think yes.

    Little Pig Little Pig Let Me In
    This weekend was EVO which is the biggest fighting game tournament all year. We saw some of the best players from around the world compete in the most popular fighting games such as Tekken and Dragonball Fighter Z. Outside of the competition and all the drama, upsets, and just great gameplay we got ourselves an announcement nobody saw coming. Tekken 7 announced a new season including veteran Tekken characters such as Lei Wulong and Anna Williams but above all they announced Negan from the Walking Dead. This was super "wtf" and I based on the crowd and chat reaction in the VOD I watched, nobody saw this coming. The other 3 characters in this season pass are not announced yet but I assume it will be more veterans. I don't even play Tekken and this got me hype.
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    The Old Soldier cinematic was amazing. I untransmogged my shoulders to show solidarity.

    Anyone excited for Cooler in DBFZ? Glad to see some fgc love.

    Humbled by a shout-out ��
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