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    Turbohud Does Nothing

    THUD ver:
    OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
    CPU: i5 3570k
    GPU: GTX 970
    Montiors: BenQ 1440p main monitor (DP), Acer 1080p secondary monitor (HDMI).
    DX ver: 12
    .Net Framework ver: 4.7.02556

    Running D3 in 32bit, Windowed (Fullscreen), launch TurboHUD.exe in Admin, and nothing. No errors, no in-game changes, nothing. Log folder shows "ntp_query", "plugins", and "status". I have restarted my PC multiple times trying to get it to work, no change. No anti-virus outside of default Windows 10 protection.

    "Status" log as follows,

    2018.06.17 19:51:54.795 initializing overlay
    2018.06.17 19:51:54.810 create Direct2D1 Factory
    2018.06.17 19:51:54.827 create DirectWrite Factory
    2018.06.17 19:51:54.838 create DirectInput
    2018.06.17 19:51:54.852 create DirectInput Keyboard
    2018.06.17 19:51:54.871 create SwapChain
    2018.06.17 19:51:54.936 maximum supported feature level: Level_11_0
    2018.06.17 19:51:54.983 create RenderTarget
    2018.06.17 19:51:55.046 loading configuration
    2018.06.17 19:51:55.052 config.xml
    2018.06.17 19:51:56.190 terminate TurboHUD because Diablo 3 is not running
    2018.06.17 19:51:56.213 exit
    Tried unplugging secondary monitor, restarting computer, no change.

    Any suggestions?


    Edit: Figured it out, changed D3 to 64bit, not 32bit. Must have been a difference between the current version of THUD and the last version I used in Season 12. Someone should change the advice in the Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide (Step 4, which states 32bit) as well. I only found the solution through a random comment.
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