Vanilla wow 1.12.1 dmg exlpoit (mb work on other versions ) menu

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    Vanilla wow 1.12.1 dmg exlpoit (mb work on other versions )


    Im find this exlpoit in september 2017 ,now it is Fixed on Light's Hope/Kronos/Nighthaven , but mb it is work on your server .
    Step 1.
    You need warrior or shaman or paladin(Because this class have talent which increases weapon damage) On warrior you need Two-handed weapon specialization talent (in arms spec) or One-Handed Weapon specialization (in prot spec) . On Shaman you need Weapon Mastery (talent in Enhancement spec). On Paladin you need One-hended weapon specialization talent ( in Protection spec) or Two-Handed weapon specialization ( in Retribution spec).
    Step 2.
    You must Find mobs, who can disarm you ( scorpid tail lasher in tanaris / Sunscale Lashtail in barrens/ Highland Lashtail in Wetlands and other )
    Step 3.
    You must move you weapon to your bag
    Step 4.
    Attack mob and get disarm without weapon, wait when disarm will end, and move your weapon back
    Step 5.
    Do 3-4 steps and enjoy=)

    If it work on your server - pls write me your server =)

    P.S. proofs

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  2. Thanks Corthezz, vaticon (2 members gave Thanks to maxxiks2821488 for this useful post)
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    So nice to see exploits from 2006 working even now LOL , but i ' m not surprised because all private servers have only 1 make money not to fix exploits ))

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    something similar working with druid artifact for ferals... holding until game goes live, if it isnt fixed we will be 1 shotting raid bosses.

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