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    GMPUBLIC All GM Server! 2.3.0 Ascent!

    Welcome to the 2.3.0 Ascent GM PUBLIC SERVER!

    SERVER IS NOW OFFICIALLY UP! Extremely sorry for the wait but my computer hates ascent :yuck:.



    Server Admin:
    -Define (hamachi name: Server admin (try getting through norton and nod32)).

    Alternate Admins:


    -Forum Admins:

    - (Currently Looking for one)

    ** If you would like to sign up for this position please talk to Define on hamachi. **

    ---Server Goal---

    Our goal is to have at least 600 accounts signed up and at least 30-40 people on. Once this goal has been passed, then this server will move off of hamachi and move to Either or both wowstatus and xtremetop100.

    Accounts - 235/600
    Avg. Amount of Players On - 13 - 18

    -Ascent Commands
    If you are new to ascent and do not know the commands, here is a list of commands you may need to know. For the commands that you don't know what they do, I suggest that you do not try those. They may affect either you or the server in a bad way. Thank you.

    Ascent Commands

    You heard right! This is an all GM server which means that everyone is a GM!

    Servers Info:

    For Item Entry and Display IDs, please visit the server homepage and use the links located on the left hand side of the website.

    You will need hamachi to connect to the account creation webpage and play on the server. Here is a link to download hamachi.
    Hamachi Link

    We currently have a temporary forum listed here. :: Index

    Here is the account creation and server webpage. You must have hamachi and connected to one of the GMPUBLIC networks to create a account and login. (Hamachi networks are listed at the bottom of this page).

    Account Creation -

    Ventrilo Server info:

    Server: GM PUBLIC
    Password: 123
    Port: 3784

    Server Info:

    * Shopping City (Hearthglen in WPL) (Unique)
    * Skymall (outland) (Skypad from Silvermoon made as Shop)
    * Dancefloor (silvermoon)
    * JulianX & other vendors/items (tnx to all creators)
    * custom vendors/items
    * Start Panda with a cool Starting Dagger & 500 gold as start (modifyed from Gamingevolved 1.4)
    * Event reward vendor (need event coin) (unique)
    * 3 Event Areas (silvermoon & illidan1)
    * Snowball Warfight areas (silvermoon)
    * Working SW Vault instance with Tier7 drops (illidan1)
    * WARP Taxi with portals to all malls, event areas, and lvl zones in azeroth/outland (Unique)
    * SKILL Npc with weaponskills, missing class skills and all language skills (Unique)
    * PVP Area (nagrand) (Silvermoon)
    * Working Class trainers / Prof trainers
    * Working Arathi Basin
    * Working Warsong Gulch
    * Working Arena Teams Battle
    * Zul'Aman instance open, and Most Zul'aman Items & Mounts added in DB (no mobs in instance yet)
    * Spawned Stormwind 2 in air of Nagrand (perfect to Hide & Seek events)
    - Be sure to have PlrUpdateDistance = "800" in ascent.conf for SW2 to work fully
    * Over 2300 new Gameobjects added (spawn 8000000 - 8002313)
    * AFG Warrior style Lottery & Enchant sack Vendors
    * No more swim bugs (fall through water)
    * Language bug fixed
    * all vendors works
    * all trainers works
    * some Zul'Aman entrance bugs are fixed (you got inside but not outside)
    * made own WarpNPC.dll & SkillNPC.dll in visual studio from scratch to fit 2.3.0
    * Added alot of COOL event rewards and a unique itemcost payment system
    * Tier 8 added in db but not implanted in any vendor/instance yet. Just search Azherz
    * Fixed the crash of Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch & Arena Team Battle
    * Added weapon skills, language skills & warrior skill revenge rank 8
    + pala redemption rank 2 in SkillNPC
    * added ressurrect sickness remover, and event areas, dance floor & pvp area in WarpNPC
    * fixed gold lottery loot
    * Fixed SkillNPC bug with warrior/pala skill class
    * Fixed GM Island Vendors
    * removed some weapons from event 3 boss that crashed server.
    * added Vengeful Gladiator Weapons from patch 2.3 instead into the boss instead
    * Use ascent rev 2449 instead of 2.4 stable. works actually better cause of some major bugs
    * most blizzard Quests now works (2.4 stable iussue)
    * you can now drop items from inventory and they dont come back (2.4 stable issue
    * players over lvl 60 now get xp.

    Other Information:

    - If you like this server and you would wish to help, you can help by either +Rep me or rate this thread. We would really like to have some feed back about our server! Thankyou


    Some problems:

    -Do not mass delete gameobjects you have just spawned. This will d/c you.
    -The recall list command does not display the correct list of areas.
    -If anyone would like to report anymore flaws, errors, or glitches in the game talk to me and I will try my best to fix it.

    Custom Housing areas:

    Here are some pictures of areas where you can make houses. YOU MAY NOT MAKE HOUSES OR BUILDING ANYWHERE ELSE BUT THESE AREAS! This is highly important.
    Players have no right to go into other players houses and mess things up. If I have any problems with this then player housing will not be available any longer.

    West of UC Starting area.

    3 Areas - North of Stormwind (behind), West of Lock Modan, and The area northeast of Eastern Plaguelands.

    And The Island South of GM Island. (NOT GMisland) to get there do .recall port gm and head to the southern island.

    Here is a simple TuT of how to build a house if you are just starting.
    ---Video Link---

    Please talk to me if you are going to create a event or custom area. Otherwise its going to be deleted by me.


    1. DO NOT .kill players at anytime. You will be given 2 strikes and you are out. Caught by me and you are gone.

    2. DO NOT modify, possess, kill or delete npcs in custom areas. You can kill regular npcs such as monsters and such but not custom vendors or npcs. Anyone caught doing so will be immediately IP banned :banned:.

    3. DO NOT kick players! This is a immediate ipban. I will not let some ruin the game for others.

    4. DO NOT modify other player stats without their permission. This is a 2 strikes and you are out.

    5. DO NOT spam gold selling websites, account selling, or just plain stupidity throughout the broadcast system or just regular chat. Anyone seen or reported doing this will be immediately IP banned :banned:.

    6. DO NOT Leave your npcs where they are unless you have a good reason of doing so and you tell me. This also means NO SPAMMING NPC SPAWNS. Abuse in this will result in no more npc spawns for players and you will have to deal with it. Also the player found doing so will be IP banned and their account erased.

    7. DO NOT Attack/PVP players on GMisland. Anywhere else is ok but just not there.

    8. Do not MASS SPAWN/DELETE GAMEOBJECTS! This is a automatic IP ban :banned:.

    9. Last but not least HAVE SOME LOVEIN FUN! Almost anything else you are aloud to do. (lol nice edit mod) (Why thank you )

    Enjoy the fully updated db and music will be played by me from time to time.
    And welcome to the new GMPUBLIC SERVER!

    ATTENTION OLD ADMINS: You are all welcome to come back to this server with az (admin) power, but you must talk to me either in game or at this e-mail.

    [email protected]

    Hamachi Networks:

    Red - Full
    Orange - Almost Full
    Yellow - Half Full
    Green - Plenty of space

    The password for all the networks is 123.
    If all the networks get close to full I will add more. Updated every 24hrs.



    These ads disappear when you log in.

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