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    BfA Beta - Escape from Tol Dagor (+ bonus)

    Hey MMown..*cough* Ownedcore!
    So, 10 years ago I was a leecher even though I was exploring all the time.

    But Blizz gave me BfA Beta access so 乁| ・ 〰 ・ |ㄏ I guess it's time to get back at it

    Here are screenshots of me escaping from Tol Dagor:
    Note/How To: The Tol Dagor dungeon is an island. You spawn on the coast. If you try to swim too far, a big shark will one-shot you.
    You'll get a warning like this one before getting owned by the shark:
    (sorry it's french)

    But if you go north right after entering inside the dungeon, the shark will not kill you and you'll have access to the whole Kul Tiras map, instanced (without any NPCs/Players).

    The -whole- map.



    First Mag'har Orc inside the WKM memorial?

    Terrance & Phillip (South Park reference):

    Sea ramp, anyone?

    Changing statues after this week update (before/after)

    Under random building in Boralus:


    Possible LycosDotCom reference (Or maybe Sonic's Lyco?)

    Vodka, Wishkey and Scotch:

    The infamous "Flying chair next to the gryphons"™

    Aaaand, inside Boralus unfinished/closed area:

    (useless/proof) Bfa Beta servers list:

    [I can clearly do better but back when I was exploring, it was totally different. Now you have to use (mostly) toys and spells to explore. I'm a bit rusty. I have not played the game since Cataclysm, just jumped around a little bit at the end of Legion. So if you have any request, PM me or reply here. I can test things for you on the official BfA beta servers if you want]
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  2. Thanks Dante, WizardTrokair, Nyarly (3 members gave Thanks to Patt_French for this useful post)
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    I dig it. Especially this "ramp" shot.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Very coolcompilation of screenshots !

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