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    Increase the Password Expiry time

    This is getting annoying using a new password every 90 days and cannot even use older passwords.

    This is a Usergroup setting. Set it to '0' to turn it off:

    Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> Edit Usergroup -> Password Expiry -> 0

    Note: You can still log into the Admin CP even when this is expired.

    Just below this option is "Password History" which as explained on the page controls how long it can be before someone can reuse the same password. Set that to 0 to disable.

    Even at least can we increase the time at least because this seems excessive. This is the only website I have been too that even requires it even then to such a recent extent

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    We had to turn this on for a reason, and that was because we had too many compromised accounts.
    Many people use the same username/password on insecure pages, applications, bots, private servers and they got their accounts here hacked because of that.

    I also strongly advice everyone to use 2 factor authentication to keep their OwnedCore account safe in case their username/password gets comromised.

    The password expiry is a way we have decided to use to help our members keep their account safe.

    Ps: Please also note that the settings for this is based on what usergroup you're in so 90 days might not be correct of all OC users.

    If you have suggestions how we could improve account security, don't hesitate to let us know your ideas and input!
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