Triggerbot/aimbot for Ironsight and Black Squad menu

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    Triggerbot/aimbot for Ironsight and Black Squad

    Currently selling cheats for Ironsight and Black Squad included in the VIP package. Which also includes other cheats as seen here: Cheat Tracker

    The triggerbots for Ironsight and Black Squad never miss
    The aimbot for Ironsight only works when you aim at the enemey, think of it as legit aim.
    The aimbot has vast features and you can use legit or rage settings.
    You can use the triggerbots with sniper rifles/DMRs/handguns/LMGs.

    Payment method: Bitcoin only!
    Paypal to Bitcoin:
    #1 Way to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Instantly (2017 Guide)
    Credit card to BTC:
    Buy/Sell Digital Currency - Coinbase

    To purchase, register on the forum and submit an application in the VIP application section.
    (This is to make sure you have the right requirements before using software)

    Not yet.

    What resolutions do you support?
    At the moment 1080p. Other resolutions if requested.

    PC specs recommended?
    Minimum 80 FPS for a smooth experience.
    Recommended 150 FPS max.

    Is this a memory hack?
    It's not a hack by definition. It does not modify or tamper with the game in any way.

    Performance of the cheats?
    In FFA, the aimbot is very powerful as you can run and gun easily with the aimbot.
    In Search and Destroy I recommend the sniper rifle as the enemy can't click fast enough as you peek. If you are the last one standing you can get easy kills as they try to rush your position.

    Known issues?
    *Aimbot is dependant on your mouse settings. Decrease or lower speeds in the config until you are satisfied.

    What OS are supported?
    Windows 7 64bit only for performance reasons.

    Any refunds?
    None. You keep the license after it's given to you.

    What do I get if I purchase this software
    Access to the VIP sections of the forum and other cheats.

    Is there any 24/7 support?
    Only for lifetime users. The support provided for this software will be a troubleshooter and a manual.

    Any bans?
    Not since the open beta. No.

    If I get banned will I get a refund or compensation?
    None. You pay for the license only. The software, forum, support is complementary. If you lose access to the forum and delete the software afterwards I have no obligation to give it to you again.

    100th post about PayPal and Win10 requests
    No, stop asking.

    Do not leave posts regarding your application. I will remove those
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    Damn Win 7 Only we all screwed not alot use Win7 anymore my guy dang it.

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