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    Quick way to return to Skull Fort while ship is safe elsewhere

    First you need to use one of the super speed launch glitches.

    For a Sloop use this video.

    For the Galleon use this video.

    Now for the easy part. Line your ship up with the skull fort using your navigation chart on your ship. Make sure there are no islands between you and the fort. Once the ship is lined up use the above glitches to launch yourself from your ship to the Skull Fort. When you die you will respawn on your ship safely and be able to glitch right back. This works very well if the island is camped and the Fort is being completed by enemy players. This allows you to engage them safely and destroy their ship preventing them from respawning.

    You can also use this same glitch while holding items as well. In a pinch if under attack by enemies, you can unload your chests using this glitch before any enemy can sink you. if you line your ship up right you can launch to an outpost to drop off a chest, skull, or merchant item.

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    Just a heads up. I think the rules on OwnedCore require you to explain the exploit in text and not require the video to explain. So the format would be

    "How to do exploit in text"

    "Link to video also showing how to do exploit"

    Basically videos are okay but you need to explain first is all.

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