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    You can find more reviews in our main thread or on Trustpilot


    - All leveling services are done by hand without use of any bots.
    - We can use a VPN server located in your country.
    - How to contact us: our only Skype account is "ConquestCapped", Discord is "ConquestCapped#9352". You can also contact us via live chat on our website.

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    We don't have much feedback here yet, but you can check our main thread to know that we can be trusted Below you will find some reviews by our people who purchased our services.

    Originally Posted by Bounco View Post
    Order 20k CQP, delivered as promised overnight.

    Originally Posted by meanbsns View Post
    Wanted to get my 19700 conquest cap done. These guys took care of it overnight.

    I'm super happy - can definitely recommend
    Originally Posted by chrismew View Post
    I have ordered Vicious Saddle. The order went smooth!

    I can recommend 10/10 for me
    Originally Posted by dawsintron View Post
    order was finished in around 10 hours! will deal with again
    Originally Posted by supermender View Post
    Ordered the saddle. Same day it was done. Very impressed. Will recommend.
    Originally Posted by dmbardal View Post
    Purchased the Vicious Saddle on my rogue, and overnight I had it in my mailbox!

    I have a 10 year old account with lots of time spent on it, so I was a bit jumpy about purchasing it at first,
    but I'm glad I did.

    It was safe, it went fast, and the quality is high.

    Thank you!
    Originally Posted by dawsintron View Post
    Second order went well!
    Originally Posted by green11 View Post
    I bought the saddle, got it the same day as my order! Thank you!
    Originally Posted by trenoch View Post
    Took the conquest pack, finished flawlessly! It didn't take to long time either, ~14h roughly! Awesome support if you wanted to know the status as well
    Originally Posted by Jinha View Post
    I stumbled upon this thread while looking for the exact service they were providing (saddle+ cap). I've used lots of services before but most have had more feedback but I still trusted these guys. And I'm glad I did. They provided the service in pretty much the exact timeframe they stated they could, 15 hours. Setting up the service was painless and they sent me an invoice to paypal so I actually didnt have to do the "Sending to family or friends" thingy which is common and also costs a few quids extra. The communication was great all through the process. When I asked for status I got an immediate response. Overall a great experience and if I need to cap/saddle again these guys are the ones Ill contact.

    They also did the entire cap without buying a single item which is kinda awesome I think. My UI and keybinds were also just as I left them. Thx again guys for the work you did. Im one happy customer
    Originally Posted by Lightxz View Post
    Ordered a 30k cap, done very quicly ! A+

    I definitely recommend them
    Originally Posted by Xieje View Post
    I wanna thank you so much for this service!
    I've ordered Vicious Saddle.
    They have completed my order just in time!
    It took them 12 hours to complete it.
    Going to order for Season 3 in the feature.
    Now, i am happy customer.
    Thanks alot and have a lovely day guys!
    Originally Posted by kandan View Post
    very good service and communication would definitely buy again.
    Originally Posted by cottle View Post
    Can't recommend these guys enough. Very friendly and excellent service. Will defiantly be using them again in the future.
    Originally Posted by Elnortoix View Post
    ordered 2 saddles for my account, 24 hours he was finish, thanks alot.
    Originally Posted by Uncontrolable View Post
    Ordered a conquest cap last night, I interrupted them asking if I could play for a while with a friend, they let me do it, and after that they started again. I went out with friends, came back and it was all done.

    Thanks for the service!
    Originally Posted by tentennan View Post
    Ordered a conq cap at 2 they where ready at 7 great service !
    Originally Posted by Dream Eater View Post
    Bought a Vicious Saddle for my freshly boosted lvl100 priest with ridicolous gear. They said 10-15hrs for a Vicious Saddle... It's a lie!

    They deliver me my VS in less than 9hrs...

    These guys are amazing. 10/10 Highly reccomended!
    Originally Posted by slavevi View Post
    amazing service, did what they promised within the correct timespan
    Originally Posted by Coomshoot View Post
    Capped even faster than I expected great service!
    Originally Posted by chrismew View Post
    Amazing service like last time now i got the Vicious Raptor 10/10
    Use them!
    Originally Posted by xfirefly88x View Post
    Very Good Service! I ordered 40 Wins and was available immediately and was done in under 4 hours! I Definitely recommended them! A++
    Originally Posted by robin121 View Post
    Just brought 60 2v2 wins it was done in under 6 hours with almost a freshly made Lvl 100. Do not hesitate to try these guys out, I sure won't! See you soon! A++
    Originally Posted by krallan View Post
    ordered a saddle yesterday, came online today and it was all done, good commnication and an awesome post!
    Originally Posted by moltenhumi View Post
    Ordered conquest cap, started directly after payment and was done over night.


    nice prices, good communication and very fast.
    Originally Posted by DoubleAgentWard View Post
    Awesome service! They got 100 wins in one night on a newly dinged warrior! And the service and communication was great the whole time! 10/10 - Would recommend to ANYONE wanting conq cap or saddle !
    Originally Posted by foxeri View Post
    Very fast and very cheap! Can only recommend, needed an odd number of conquest to get few transmog items for my alt and they completed my order within 3 hours of adding them in skype, ++
    Originally Posted by erin2325 View Post
    Ordered a Vicious Saddle, which was done in a matter of hours with customer service updates the entire time. Would definitely buy again.
    Originally Posted by blackbrere View Post
    Placed an order for a full cap. Absolutely outstanding service. It was all achieved in a matter of a few hours, and they were incredibly informative and helpful the whole way through. Wouldn't even think of going anywhere else next time, whole heartedly recommend them.
    Originally Posted by Babyl0n View Post
    I've ordered a conquest cap.
    They responded very fast and the boost was done in next to no time.
    I will definitely use their service again!
    Originally Posted by ebraum View Post
    purchased a saddle. Very fast, even went the extra mile! Will be ordering another boost very soon!! Highly Recommend
    Originally Posted by Spicywiener View Post
    Ordered a saddle, extremely fast was done over the night and was there when I woke up, great work! Recommended service
    Originally Posted by novirtues View Post
    Ordered it 10 hours ago and now I got my vicious saddle.
    Professional, quick and cheap, what more do you want?
    Originally Posted by Draake View Post
    was fast and painless, nice job
    Originally Posted by gladixi View Post
    Bought the full cap with saddle combo and it was done in record time! I bought the service at 19:57 and it was done 05:25. Nice guys and fast to reply on skype. Will use again!
    Originally Posted by Eddie12390 View Post
    Bought the saddle last Thursday and received it within a few hours of paying. Highly recommended.
    Originally Posted by dcmatr View Post
    Ordered the saddle, and was delivered on time just as promised. Recommended and would buy again!
    Originally Posted by Zolt View Post
    Great service. Very good communication. Cap was started right away and finished fast! Would definitely buy again.
    Originally Posted by rezty View Post
    Ordered the vicious saddle. Cap was started just after my purchase and finished 9h later. Very good service, reliable and very effective ! <3
    Originally Posted by callea View Post
    Bought the Vicious Saddle, few hours later they were completed, amazing work!
    Originally Posted by ShinjiEoE View Post
    Purchased a conquest cap last night. Took about 10 minutes to setup and they were finished before I woke up. Amazing service.
    Originally Posted by Dollw1n View Post
    Ordered conquest cap and they started immediately, woke up and logged into to buy my full set, great service!
    Originally Posted by jidanbou View Post
    Professional service. Completed my boost overnight. 100% will use their services again.
    Originally Posted by S3R14L View Post
    great service, started two minutes after my purchase and completed quickly!
    Thank You!
    Originally Posted by shadowsong43 View Post
    Purchased a Vicious war saddle, got it within a night, Very satisfied great service! thanks guys!
    Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    Excellent job on Vicious Saddle. Highly recommended.
    Originally Posted by kloborgg View Post
    Got a war saddle, got it overnight, good communication, recommended
    Originally Posted by RorschachZJ View Post
    Amazing service. Fast and cheap. Kept me posted the entire time. Will use again.
    Originally Posted by SmexySteve View Post
    Ordered 25k coqnuest points on 2 characters.. Completed within 20 hours! A great service!
    Originally Posted by selannefan12 View Post
    Just got boosted buy these guys. Maxxed Conquest points and the PvP Mount. Completed while I slept, woke up in the morning to a better character. Thanks guys, will be back!
    Originally Posted by adavis1129 View Post
    Just finished a PvP mount boost. Took about 10 hours and was all done. Thanks heaps.
    Originally Posted by notmilk View Post
    These guys dont mess around, they are super fast and capped me to within 10 hours. the customer service is responsive and friendly. I would highly recommend them. i'm already thinking about getting another character capped with them.
    Originally Posted by Fatkidsunite View Post
    Ordered done in 13 hours amazing job very polite
    Originally Posted by AdiNec1 View Post
    Amazing, ordered a conquest service from them and they had it done in the estimate of 8-9 hours.

    Will totally order from them again. Also, competitive prices & amazing staff.

    Got my order started right after I bought it.
    Originally Posted by bluekami View Post
    Purchased a vicious saddle from their website and was quickly contacted within the hour. They started immediately and was done overnight. Definitely one of the fastest services Ive ever purchased =D I will definitely be using my second purchase discount soon! Thank you guys so much!
    Originally Posted by Necrozen View Post
    Went on the website and ordered a Vicious Saddle, they messaged me around 20 minutes later and had it scheduled out for that night. Really fast and decent price as well, thanks guys! Probably gonna make another purchase for 2 more characters soon
    Originally Posted by hello122j View Post
    really good paid and then 10 hours later was finished.
    Originally Posted by sprxxx View Post
    Ordered a full cap which started immediately! Was capped around 8-9 hours later! Recommended!
    Originally Posted by lettucebereality View Post
    I bought two conquest cap's from them, they provided amazing service. No problems at all.
    Originally Posted by flyg View Post
    awesome service. fast and quick. buying another full cap.
    Originally Posted by willmke View Post
    Perfect service, ordered Conquestcap and saddle, started same day, kept me informed all the time, will surely order again. Highly recommend their services.
    Originally Posted by icakici View Post
    Amazing service. Fast and cheap. Very fast.
    Originally Posted by cool22 View Post
    Fast and cheap 30k cap my lock
    Originally Posted by Harlemhero View Post
    Great service! I ordered from them and they got the job done.
    Originally Posted by joeyb123 View Post
    Ordered a 27k conquest cap and they started immediately, was done by the time i woke up in the morning. Skype support was very helpful as well, great service all round.
    Originally Posted by Aquilibrium View Post
    First of all, I'm always sceptical to share my account information with anyone but these guys did what they should do and logged out.

    Ordered 27k conquest points and saddle from these guys and they delivered as promised.

    After I contacted them via skype, I was told that the Team is ready immediately and they were able to start minutes after ordering. My characters iLevel was around 540 which is totally ridiculous but that in mind, they were able to complete the whole order within 11 hours!

    I can highly recommend these guys if you are looking this kind of service!
    Originally Posted by Englaas View Post
    Ordered a Saddle boost. they were really helpful and understanding with my questions and such. After the payment was done they started early the following day and got done in 8-9 hours. Really good service, will recommend this to everyone of my non-pvp skilled friends =)
    Originally Posted by joeyb123 View Post
    I've ordered 2 more caps from these guys since then, all three occasions they have started instantly, kept me up to date and done it very efficiently. Truly excellent service and I'll probably be using them again very soon.
    Originally Posted by Yunlol View Post
    Purchased 27k CQP. Got the points within 8 hours after I ordered the service.

    Originally Posted by sandvic View Post
    Ended up with 28500 CPs and mount token in my mail next morning. Fast and reliable.
    Originally Posted by Cvillegolfer43 View Post
    Purchased full conquest gear. Super super cheap compared to everyone else online. Finished in less than 12 hours. And because Im a fury warrior they did the extra 3500 points without batting an eye! They were awesome and I will definitely be a repeat customer!
    Originally Posted by Vaddon View Post
    Verry good service, and real fast delivery 27k qonquest cap! easy done ++ for these guys
    Originally Posted by Bonsai018 View Post
    Good communication, helpful, fast & very flexible with planning a time to start the "service". Recommended!
    Originally Posted by inventtoinspire View Post
    Status: Trade

    Purchased Conquest Cap, was started right after confirmation of payment and finished 8 hours later. Communication, Efficiency, Success. That's how I would describe their services. 10/10 If you need a conquest cap and need it fast this should be your go to.
    Originally Posted by fatprimal View Post
    +1 got the saddle and gear fast!
    Originally Posted by jsreid6969 View Post
    The service is unbelievable they made everything so easy and fast I highly recommend these guys thanks again see you soon

    Sent from my SM-G925W8 using Tapatalk
    Originally Posted by girlinstatic View Post
    Fast and exactly as described. Keeps you updated and was extremely trustworthy. Will be using my discount on a 2nd order sometime!
    Originally Posted by madethissoicouldaddrep View Post
    Huge +rep. These guys are professional AF.

    Ordered 27,000 conquest points and got them in just over 9 hours. It was done whilst I slept. Didn't get banned, or my account locked or anything.
    They didn't spend any of my points or change any of my binds or macros at all.

    Ordered a vicious saddle 3 weeks later and then changed my mind after an hour because I wanted to do it on another toon (which still needed levelling). They were busy anyway until the next day which was no prob. They gave me a refund in less than THREE MINUTES, and they even reactivated the discount code. Whaaaat

    Honestly cannot fault these guys one bit. Just hope that the service quality stays constant in the future.
    Originally Posted by Ezirath View Post
    Contacted literally minutes after my purchase, they got a team and the service started in seconds, was told it would take 9-10 hours and they finished in less than 9.
    Very professional and friendly, you can ask the person on skype anything and he will reply in minutes.
    One of the best paid services in WoW and I will be purchasing it again.
    Originally Posted by wowking30 View Post
    Ordered full conq gear with saddle. They got it done in one day with no problems - very smooth and professional! Would 100% use their services again.
    Originally Posted by Gurvanito View Post
    Ordered mount + CP ,no problem very quick +rep
    Originally Posted by Xenakira View Post
    Handled everything overnight and were very courteous, will definitely be ordering again soon!
    Originally Posted by Samztwitch View Post
    Edit: Ordered over night and woke up with 27k conquest points, just as ordered Good service, would recommend!
    Originally Posted by xyz_ View Post
    Very fast service got to the 27k cap very quickly for me! highly recommended team! will use again in the future
    Originally Posted by jathmpsn View Post
    Bought conquest cap for a second time, just like before GREAT, FAST, HONEST. Definitely the best out here.
    Originally Posted by Hanniblast View Post
    I bought the conquest cap service at ConquestCapped.com. Although I was a bit skeptical at first about all the account sharing stuff, these guys are true professionals. Was contacted a minute after payment and capping started immediately. Full 42k cap was completed within 12 hours. I’m completely satisfied and will buy again!
    Originally Posted by ftonqq View Post
    10/10, delivered. Nice service and got updates every now and then on progress.
    Originally Posted by Roguesz View Post
    Amazing service! Ordered a Vicious Saddle and it was done in no time! Would recommend to anyone out there.
    Originally Posted by iEchO View Post
    Got over 27k cp overnight even with the server maintenance and other troubles! Very fast, Very reliable service!
    Originally Posted by nyo89 View Post
    Really fast and nice service,ordered a Vicious saddle and the service was awesome! I will order again from them for sure
    Originally Posted by randomzeus View Post
    These guys are awesome. Everything is as described. Got 27k CP in about 10 hours. You won't go wrong with these services.
    Originally Posted by Bozel View Post
    Ordered the 27k conquest and within minutes they started and it was completed by the morning. I had concerns over security but all is good and no problems at all. VERY HAPPY.
    Originally Posted by darthlock View Post
    super fast and smooth
    Originally Posted by Malzel View Post
    Ordered a vicious saddle (100 3v3 wins) at about midnight, and it was done when I woke up the next day. I would recommend this to anyone in the future.
    Originally Posted by Xieje View Post
    I've order a second service from them, they are friendly and nice support.
    Originally Posted by arosaleso View Post
    Awesome service, highly recommended. incredibly satisfied and will deal with them again! A++ Thank you!!
    Originally Posted by omarer View Post
    Ordered conq. cap + saddle. Started order quickly, completed on time, and kept me updated the whole way. Would definitely recommend.
    Originally Posted by QuakinTom View Post
    Ordered this morning, got a response on Skype within 15 minutes. They started immediately. Everything went smooth and the feedback was pleasant. I am more than pleased
    Originally Posted by nombah View Post
    Order last night and completed within the time that was said. very happy.
    Originally Posted by dawnwind1129 View Post
    awesome service, would definitely buy again
    Originally Posted by Malzel View Post
    Amazing service once again, was fully complete within 9 hours of ordering on my severely undergeared rogue.
    Originally Posted by Nathloc View Post
    I bought 100 3v3 wins for the achievement and mount.. They said 9-10 hours they did it in 8 and it all went smooth. Sharing account and everything worked out great!
    Originally Posted by rayne13 View Post
    Ordered a vicious saddle. Got full conquest cap, including an additional 3500 for my second weapon as fury, vicious saddle, hot streak, warmonger achievement, all in the same night I ordered, at no additional cost. Would highly recommend.
    Originally Posted by drm420 View Post
    Very dedicated professional group, they were running a late on my order but they did not stop running. They played for over 10 hours straight that's customer care ^_^ also the order was completed in under 24 hours.
    Originally Posted by jekkis View Post

    thanks a lot for the boost. I bought the Vicious Saddle package and started doing it right away, completing it before the projected time. All smooth and great, so definitely recommend these guys.
    Originally Posted by deadlywario0 View Post
    order completed (2x conquest caps) was quick and friendly A++
    Originally Posted by sigmundee View Post
    Ordered it at night. Woke up and everything complete love it thanks.
    Originally Posted by willmke View Post
    Fantastic job again, thx. Can highly recommend this group, spot on delivery.
    Originally Posted by ARSCHEKUN View Post
    Great service, recommended to anyone need CP for an alt and don't have time. Very informative and always up to date on order status. It was done on a timely manner as promised.
    Originally Posted by Nefne View Post
    This is something id like to recommend to all of the ppl that are considering boosting or are in need of it.
    Very fast and good comunication with me as a customer.
    Im very pleased with them!
    Originally Posted by Rested View Post
    Bought a conquest cap from these guys, everything went well.
    Originally Posted by boousaf View Post
    Have ordered multiple times from these guys, including a saddle/honor talents order that just finished. Always fast and professional!
    Originally Posted by uraniumm View Post
    ordered a arena boost for 2200 from this guys and they did it in a few hours. really insane boost!!! i recommend this guys for sure. if u want a boost talk to this guys, very professional and quick boost.++++
    Originally Posted by Aquilibrium View Post
    This was my second time ordering from these guys and I can say it was a 10/10 experience again!

    Ordered the vicious saddle package from them and 10 minutes later I was contacted by manager in Skype. After giving my information, they gave me pretty good ETA when order is going to be ready. It took around 11 hours for them to complete whole order (100 arena wins). I'm always skeptical about sharing my account information but these guys are legit! As this was my second time ordering, account sharing felt like sharing my information with a close friend.

    If you are looking this kind of service, I can definitely recommend Conquest Capped! I'm looking forward to use their other services in future.
    Originally Posted by Sashihara View Post
    Was slightly sceptical at first but damn! Fast delivery, reliable and extremely trust worthy seriously, even kept in contact every 30 minutes with the order just to reassure me about everything. Best service ever
    Originally Posted by Xolve View Post
    Quite fast, despite my endless barrage of paranoid questions. Finished my order in just under the time requirement they estimated. 10/10 Good Service.

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