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    TurboHUD (v7.3) BETA for Diablo III PTR


    Code: BETA for Diablo III (v7.3)
    	NOTE: A clean install into an empty folder is required when updating from older than v7.3!
    	NOTE: You can't use TurboHUD with the 64bit version of the Diablo III.
    	NOTE: Be sure to have at least .NET 4.5.2, DirectX 11 and Windows 7 SP1 on your computer
    	NOTE: Windows 7 users have to install Windows 7 SP1 and Platform Update. In exchange everybody can get a smoother HUD experience.
    	NOTE: TurboHUD sends anonymous usage data to TurboHUD Dashboard!
    	- fixed: small performance improvements
    Don't panic

    HUD is protected by ConfuserEx and it produces an .exe file which is considered as "suspicious" or "possible trojan" for many virus scanners. Read this thread if you have antivirus problems: [HOW TO] Solve your antivirus problems

    Be prepared
    It is highly recommended to make your PC ready for the 64 bit client of Diablo 3, because from the next offical patch TurboHUD will work only with that. 32 bit game client won't be supported anymore.


    TurboHUD is not affiliated to Activision Blizzard and it may go against game TOS/EULA: Blizzard Entertainment: Battle.net End User License Agreement
    Diablo is a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

    Since TurboHUD was introduced I haven't got any notification from Blizzard regarding TurboHUD. Active Diablo 3 players posted multiple questions on official battle.net forums asking for an official statement without any clear conclusion. When a statement from Blizzard /or a legal C&D letter/ forbids the release of TurboHUD then it will be immediately removed from the Internet and the development will be halted.

    In the meanwhile TurboHUD is accessible as-is, free for every player, only for non-competetive gameplay, and serves as a gameplay-experience enchancement.
    BATTLE.NET TOS/EULA states the following under C.v. : "...however, that Blizzard may, at its sole and absolute discretion, allow the use of certain third-party user interfaces;..."

    I highly recommend for every user in the TOP100 on any leaderboard: do not use TurboHUD!
    If you do, then you are risking your account, the fair competition and the future of TurboHUD as well.


    OwnedCore's feature called "Donate For Elite Access & More" is not related to TurboHUD.
    All available features are already in this TurboHUD download - you won't get anything else if you donate for me or pay for any OwnedCore subscription.
    If anybody asks you to pay for a new feature in TurboHUD then it is a scam and you will loose your money.


    DOWNLOAD 32 bit
    (only false positives)
    VirusTotal report
    | DOWNLOAD 64 bit
    (only false positives)
    VirusTotal report

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