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    9 Account Bundle

    Main (1): PR 20k DinoTamer PR 20k Chloromancer With Full Magic Find Set comes with (1) 30 day patron pass card (tradeable) and a 3 day patron pass card, have 3 primordial dragons. Spare characters include Candy Barbarian PR 11697, boomeranger PR 8787 and all other characters have SL4 or higher gear to work on of your chosing. 3 streamer dream allys TOTAL MASTERY RANK 392.85 past 300. And remember both high PR characters have the ability to solo Ultra Spike WP and Pin God so each week you can earn alot of flux or shapers stars to work on other characters.This character also has 1400+ patron points Almost enough for another Diamond Drgaon egg (385 I believe).

    Main (2): PR 11k Chloromancer almost all stellar, just need to do this weeks ST. 10/25 Dragons (Has Fortras), has 1275 credits, almost 800 dragon coins.

    Alt Accounts: All 7 accounts have PR 3k+ and all Radiant rank 1. Can farm easily for Radiant Shards and Primordial Flames to get to stellar quick. They are all around level 25 (or at it). They all have a 3 day patron pass (if I remember right). Use these accounts to farm for quick and easy flux from either Sunlight Bulbs (makes the most if you can find), from mining getting Primordial Flames (sell quick), shapestone easy, and golden souls which is priced good to collect and sell easy, to even the Shadow Tower where you can farm with these 7 accounts through normal to all the way hard and get 30-35 Titan Chests a week. You can even either level the accounts and/or farm for gems to get these closer to 5k to be able to be carried by Main Account (1) in ST Uber 1 and 2 for even more Titan Chests.

    Altogether total flux is 150k (i know low) but I haven't farmed anything lately. With my job I can't farm as much as I could. You could easily make 300k flux in a hour a day just off Sunlight Bulbs (I tried). If actually farm/mine you can make 1mil+ a day (i used to a year ago when prices were 1/2 the ones now). That means if you want Ganda you can probably farm enough in a week to buy off Market.

    I am selling these accounts in a bundle, not selling any one separate. I am the original owner of 8/9 accounts. The Main Account (1) I purchased off someone, the rest have been mine. I am looking for around $250 for all 9 accounts.

    PSA about Multiple Accounts, it's okay to use multiple as long as you control them and not have a software to automate it. If you don't know how I can get you setup after you've purchased them.

    The best way is to contact me on Skype which I will have on most of the day, might not reply right away but I will reply within a few hours most likely. My Skype info is troveseller You know it is me because it has a face of me (weird one) but it should also say account match for right one incase someone else trying to scam.


    Skype Info (again): troveseller


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