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    Ascension Wow (Classless Server)


    5 Donation Points

    Andorhal: (PvE server (1x) XP)

    Undead: Resto Shaman/Druid main spec, full BiS geared for raids (At the moment Molten Core)
    Dual specced (Offspec, Hunter farm spec, almost BiS geared)
    Epic riding: Including big battle bear.
    About 500 gold.
    Leatherworking and skinning 300 (Including 2 finkle skinners --> 320 skinning).

    Sargaras: (PvP server (3x) XP)
    Freshly dinged level 60.

    Asking price 50$ negotiation is a possibility,
    Contact via this site chat System.

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    Status: Trade

    What race is sargaras character ?

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