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    Warmane account (Icecrown) good geared chars

    Selling premium account with a lot of good geared chars.

    1st char

    Level 80 Night Elf Druid
    Restoration: 6541 gs full bis with Vala'nyr + Solace of the Defeated in bags
    Balance: 6303 gs with DFO hc trinket, 3/4 hc tier pieces, spindle hc
    Feral: 4 sanctified t10
    Full resto herald gear
    Titles: Herald of the Titans, the Light of Dawn, Bane of the Fallen King, Champion of Ulduar, Starcaller, the Astral Walker, etc.
    Rare mounts: Invincible, Headless Horseman's Mount, Swift Zulian Tiger, Rusted Proto-Drake, 65 mounts in total.
    Professions: Alchemy & Enchanting at 450 (enchanting is almost full)
    ~6500 achiev points

    2nd char

    Level 80 Gnome Mage
    Arcane: 6469 gs missing only choker hc, plague boots hc and 1 hc mark for full bis
    11/12 icc25hc, 11/12 icc10hc achievs

    3rd char

    Level 80 Dranei Paladin

    Retribution: 6911 gs with Shadowmourne (gained from the quest by collecting 50 shards in icc, so it has Shadowmourne achiev), missing only pp25hc waist and rs25hc ring for full bis
    Holy: 6111 gs with bis shield, wrist, hands, missing 1 hc mark
    Protection: 6151 gs with bis shield, head, shoulders, wrists, waist, legs
    Professions: Jewelcrafting & Blacksmithing at 450
    12/12 icc25hc, 11/12 icc10hc
    also has pvp items.. 4/5 relentless, wrathfull hands and medallion trinket

    4th char

    Level 80 Dranei Shaman

    Restoration: 6389 gs missing only heroic versions of rs25 items
    Elemental: 6377 gs DFO hc and Reign of the Unliving hc trinkets
    Professions: Enchanting at 409
    11/12 icc25hc, 4/4 rs25hc, 4/4 rs10hc
    Got some pvp items in bank

    5th char

    Level 80 Human Death Knight

    Frost: 6245 gs, got every item from bis list in normal except dbw, waist and ring that are heroic
    Professions: Herbalism and Mining at 450
    10/12 icc25hc

    6th char

    Level 80 Night Elf Hunter

    Marksmanship: 5918 gs 4/5 tier 10, crafted legs and boots, dbw normal trinket
    Professions: Jewelcrafting & Engineering at 450

    7th char

    Level 80 Human Priest

    Dual spec: Holy/Shadow, 4037 gs

    When you buy the account, you'll be able to rename every single character once you try to log in them.

    For more informations, add me on skype: jovanna_nish
    I'll send pics of chars if you are interested

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