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    Selling FFBE account- rank 48 -Luneth | CoD | Refia | Cecil | Kefka | Maxwell etc

    Im wishing to sell my alt account.

    The details of the account are as follows:
    Rank: 48
    Maxed Units:
    6★- Luneth (515Atk) | CoD | Refia | Cecil
    5★- Kefka (401Magic) | Maxwell | Kain | Firion | Leanna | Rydia

    Other notable units :

    2x Cecil (exhalibur),
    2x Hayate (Black Cowl),
    Golbez (meteor),
    Luna (barrage),
    Black Cat Lid (Cat Hat),
    Tellah (30% MP),
    Arc (omnirod),
    Miyuki (Sakurafubuki),
    2x Gaffgarron (bracer),
    Sazh (Twenty sided dice),
    Terra (Ultima),
    Ludamille (Dual Cast)
    Hope (Nue)
    Fang (equip Spear)
    Bartz (Doublehand)
    Rosa (Goddess bow)
    Exdeath (Holy)

    Have been farming Power of creation, Barrage,2 Excaliber, Celestial Gloves, all are over 20% ( nothing special), but once farmed will turn lunneth into a monster...

    Diablos - lvl26 2★
    Golem- lvl21 2★
    Ifirit - lvl30 2★
    Ramuh- lvl20 2★
    all other espers 1★

    All trial bosses are down, the story is not 100%, still new content left to clear. I also havent went back and farmed the previously cleared stuff for the stars.. leaving a around 14k lapis ready to be farmed up.

    Gold- 677258
    Lapis - 1000+

    Friends list is also filled with quite a few high damage units to help carry in future, if needed.

    Im selling this account as i now have good units and TMs farmed on main, so no need for 2. Account has only been self played and everything is 100% legit.

    Thanks for reading.. any questions, pm me..
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