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    Reins of Poseidus | EU | NA |

    Hello again OC community!

    I'm back after the success with my Aeonaxx farm service that I offered few months ago.

    Today I'm offering you a chance to get your hands on one of the rare mounts in the game that is hard to camp and obtain - Reins of Poseidus

    Reins of Poseidus - Item - World of Warcraft

    Payment can be done in either gold ( accepting gold on all EU/NA realms), or via Paypal or Skrill, whichever suits you more.

    EU Price: 650k gold or 60€
    NA Price: 850k gold

    You will get your mount in few hours max, after contacting me on Skype.*No character transfer is required* If by any chance I don't have one in my stock at the given time, I will inform you when I get one, since everything is done by hand. No exploits or third party softwares are included!

    For any more questions or information add me on skype: strale.kblo

    Bellow you can see the feedback from my Aeonaxx post

    Originally Posted by Mystery X View Post
    So i once saw this Thread some days ago and saw this person who has no ranks, joined oc in 2015 and offers a highly rare and epic service to get a rare mount which is mostly bad to farm because of crossrealm works.

    I talked to this young guy and surely notices that he loves the game and loves to help other people. He is polite and friendly and doesnt hesitate to answer any questions that you have.

    After accepting his conditions i placed my character in a position and waited for a message. I thought it might take a day or two because he told me that he would camp it, but damn - THIS GUY IS FAST: It only took about 2 hours until he invited me and took down this rare drake.

    This shows me that there are some people in this community, who never offered service but try to start out a small business. And to be honest : this guy is fantastic. He is legit and is playing with open cards to show you the possibilities to get to your new mount.

    I highly recommend this player to get this rare mount. He is (by far) the most perfect and trustable player ive seen in a long time when it comes to sharing mounts and pets via groupplay. Thank you very much for your effort and your help, i will appreciate this forever
    Originally Posted by rossitini View Post
    Good guy. Added him on Skype and chatted through method of getting mount a few days later got the call to say he had it....

    Old fashioned camping at it's best. I lost too much time trying to camp this but the guy seems to hardcore camp until it's done

    Worth a bump
    Originally Posted by bioshock01 View Post
    Ordered on Monday the 13.06.2016 and got it at 18:25 Tuesday the 14.06.2016 just one Day...?? ----> Freaking Fast this Guy !! No Problems with Communication, always friendly !!

    Always Again mate
    Originally Posted by PreH95 View Post
    So I was casually looking through trade chat while doing some auctions, and i saw this guy selling Aoenaxx. I always wanted the mount myself but never gotten to farming it because of all the horrendous stories of people farming for 100+ days, and here was this guy selling it, very cheap aswell. And as the seasoned WoW player I am, I immediately thought it was a scam.

    But it peaked my interest so much that i ended up adding the guy on Skype. At first I thought he would be like most other guys selling stuff like this; shady guy and speaking little to no english. But quickly i realized this guy was a legit (very hardcore) farmer who could express himself perfectly. I set myself on a waitlist since I had no money at the time, and he would whisper me if a customer didnt respond at all. And he would give me some time to get the money and then trade the drake.

    Today a customer didnt respond to him and I got my drake! This dude is hardcore, friendly and very helpful overall! He answered every question i had, and is a really nice guy!
    Totally recommend him if you want this drake but dont want to farm him yourself, and im gonna recommend him to my friends aswell! 10/10 service <3
    Originally Posted by Kanrethad View Post
    After contacting this guy and having a little chit chat about the whole procedure I felt confident enough to go for it.

    Politeness and great communication go a long way and this dude won me since the first moment!

    I received a message about the drake being ready to be killed, logged in and the whole thing was done immaculately!

    More than happy to do business again in the future!
    Originally Posted by Boinky View Post
    Simple, quick and easy.

    Spoke via Skype yesterday evening and was able to get the mount this morning without a single problem.

    Will definately trade again if other mounts are offered.
    Originally Posted by Cannibalus View Post
    Quick and smooth. Made an Ownedcore account just to feedback this guy. Amazing price for this sooo rare mount.

    Thank you forever <3
    Originally Posted by jacko358 View Post
    I used my boyfriend's owncore account for Aeonaxx wanted this mount for so long! I have been let down in the past by seller's on owned core promising this mount and not delivering.

    I read all the feedback and my boyfriend added him on skype and I have to say he is super friendly and knows what he is doing, I placed the order around 10pm last night and within a few hours I had the mount!!!!

    I will say that you need a Horde character as I did not but luckily I have a boost spare to make one

    I completely recommend and love this guy! I am FOREVER grateful and if he starts offering other services I will be first in line
    Originally Posted by Cruelzam View Post
    Thank you so much!

    Now please start doing TLPD
    Originally Posted by aeonaxxer View Post
    just bought a mount off him and this guy has the best customer service! quick response, quick delivery.. the whole thing was super smooth, totally recommending
    Originally Posted by furriousmc View Post
    This guy is leggit, everything went really fast and easy. Saved me a ton of time and the pain from farming him myself. I'll recommend him to my friends.

    Keep up the good work bro.
    Originally Posted by Kanrethad View Post
    Second time dealing with this guy, everything went great once again! After getting my Phospho-drake I discussed about Poseidus aswell (getting sick staying even 5' mins in Vashj'ir let alone camp for days).

    After almost a week the seahorse rests in my bags!!

    Highly recommended and hope his services keep expanding for the rest of these hard to get mounts!! Thumbs up!
    Originally Posted by MateoSanko View Post
    Made an Ownedcore account just to feedback this dude! We talked on skype made a deal and after few hours i got my MOUNT! Thanks again guys! And this offer was awesome,no more camping and wasting my time,hope u will sell other mounts soon!!! 10/10
    Originally Posted by Chiefboost View Post
    Rly amazing service =))) Quick and Fast 8 hr and i get this RARE mount)))
    Originally Posted by Kylis View Post
    Contacted this guy on friday the 8th, and got my mount today. Instructions were given on Skype, everything went smooth and clear. I can definitely recommend his services . Thank you.
    Originally Posted by Mentorakis View Post
    im here to vouch for this great guy. true dedication and 100% legit. would trade again 100%. rock on mate
    Thanks for reading my thread and have a great day!
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