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    [Global] Unlinked Rank 60+/6* Cecil/58+ Summon Tix/5500+ Lapis]

    Hi all,

    Selling my whale of an account, unlinked.

    $350 obo.

    Pay by gift from verified Paypal only.

    I will link the account first for trusted buyers (40+ positive feedback), otherwise payment must be received first.
    You must confirm payment by responding to my e-mail from the paypal e-mail after payment. After the payment is confirmed, I will link the account to a Facebook account provided by you. Facebook account must not be previously linked to another FFBE account.

    The linking process is irreversible.

    I will continue to build the account until sold. The stats below have "+" beside them because they will most likely continue to increase. If you are committed to purchasing and want something done (i.e. Max TMR for certain units or Max certain espers) I will focus on that. But I'm currently focusing on grinding out Awakening - PRO for 5* Awakening Mats.

    General Stats
    Rank: 60+
    Lapis: 5500+
    Gil: 3.5Million+
    Summon Tickets: 58+
    Friend Points: 70K+
    Colloseum Rank: B-2 ADV+
    Material Limit: 150+
    Equipment Limit: 95+
    Unit Limit: 100
    Quests Completed: 6935 / 6948
    Vortex/Farplane: All Completed

    Notable Units (MOST UNITS ARE MAX LEVEL)
    6* Cecil 55%+ TMR
    3* Cecil
    5* Exdeath
    2x5* COD
    5* Chizuru 55%+ TMR
    5* Zidane 40%+ TMR
    5* Garnet
    5* Terra 20%+ TMR
    5* Firion
    5* Kefka 60%+ TMR
    5* Freya 25%+ TMR
    5* Celes
    3* Celes
    3* Fang
    3x3* Charlotte
    3* Mustadio
    2x4* Agrias
    5* Ludmille
    2x3* Ludmille
    4* Leo
    5* Golbez
    2x3* Golbez
    3* Miyuki
    3x3* Kain
    2x3* Shantotto
    3 x 10% Trust Moogles
    5* Rain

    All 2*
    Lv40 Ifrit and Golem

    Notable Equipment:
    Hero Ring x 2
    Rod of Gravity x 2
    Stellar Shield
    Lunar Pestle

    Notable Items:
    75+ Star Quartz
    10+ Magic Key
    25+ Divine Crystal
    50+ Other 6* Awakening Mats
    500+ Assorted Megacrysts

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