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    [HB] Monkz Raiding Routines ( Monk )

    [HB]Monkz Raiding Routines

    Hi my name is Monkz and I have a nearly finished master degree in computer science. I was coding for the BuddyStore back in 2015 but I moved on as soon as their shares went really high.
    My routines are highly specialized raiding routines base on Simcraft optimized rotations. You can use them with no noticable fps loss even on lower end computer because they only calculate the stuff you really need.

    There is a 2 day full version trial period where you can test all the specs! If there are any issues, this trial time may be extended! During your trial time you dont need to specify a login!
    The trial activates on it's own. Just download and use it!!!

    What I offer:
    Honorbuddy Combat Raid Routines

    For the latest Legion Raid content only! Always updated rotations! They are so leightweigth you will not even lose FPS!

    • MAX DPS
    • Disable Cooldown usage
    • Disable AOE Mode
    • Various Spec specific Hotkeys
    • Auto Target on Death
    • Multitarget Dotting for most Specs!
    • Use MfD on lowest Target for it to be ready ASAP for outlaw!
    • Customizable Hotkeys
    • Settings GUI
    • 2 Days trial with full features!
    • Free Discord and E-Mail Support!

    • Features you will NOT see in my Routines:
      - Interrupting (In Raid or Mythic+ you most likely have rotations for interrupting. The bot cant know that.)
      - Defensive Cooldowns (In 95% of the time if you pop a defensive cooldown when you go low. It is already too late. Defensive cooldowns have to be used before the damage will come. As the routine can not known when this is the case, it will not use defense cooldowns. (Except IronSkin at 3 Charges.)

    • Supported Specs:
      Rogue Outlaw
      Rogue Assassination
      Rogue Subtlety
      Monk Brewmaster
      Monk Windwalker
      Warrior Arms
      Shaman Enhancement
      Mage Fire
      Hunter Survival
      Druid Guardian
      Deathknight Frost
      Druid Balance
      Warlock Demo
      Warlock Affli
    • Planned Specs:
      Shaman Ele
      Warrior Prot/Fury
      There may be an vote if other Specs are in dire need of a Raiding routine!

    Tutorial to get Started!:

    • After you have bought the Routine. Please send me an E-Mail at [email protected]. I will verify your payment and you will get added to all Routines you have payed for.
    • If there is an update or you bought the routine for the first time. You can download the Routine from Dropbox DOWNLOAD LINK (You dont need to be registered!). On the top right you can download the folder as Zip. The Link is pinned in Discord under "Changelog". An automatic update will be added soon!
    • Extract the Zip-File into your Honorbuddy Routines Folder, add your email and the password I will send you to the login.json (Any texteditor will do) and you are good to go.
    • It should look like this!

    • I suggest using Enyo Botbase!
    • Standard Hotkeys are:
      - ALT + Q = Disable AOEI
      - ALT + E = Disable CDs
      - ALT + F = Enable Manual Mode
      - ALT + S = Use stun on next Global Cooldown
      - ALT + C = Roll only for one Buff. Only Outlaw. Useful on trash!
      - ALT + C = Toggle Vanish for Sub/Assa!
      - ALT + D = Toggle Tier 2 Talent on next Global for Shaman
    • Hotkeys can be changed in the Class specific settings file under "HonorbuddyFolder\Settings\*YourServer*\*CharName*\*SpecificSettingsFile*. There will be a GUI in the near future.
    • If you want to switch Modifier: Alt = 1 // Control = 4 // Shift = 2
    • If you dont want the Bot to stop after using Vanish in Sub or Assa -> You need to use the latest Enyo Botbase and "Enable Forced Combat Mode"! Be sure to download the Version from the SVN-Link. Not the Zipfile as it is not updated!
    • If you dont have Enyo, You need to Shadow Strike on Sub and Rupture on Assassinatio manually after using Vanish.

    Discord Support:

    E-Mail Support:
    [email protected]
    Keep the forums for feedback. I wont answer forum messages as quickly as discord or E-Mail!

    Payment Plans:
    You can buy a Single Routine (Spec) for 8€
    Although the best offer may be the Full Package for 30€! This includes all Routines that are support and also all that are coming.
    You can also start by buying a single Routine and if you are satisfied you can buy another one for 8€ or you can upgrade to the full package for 6€ when you already own 3 Specs!
    If you already bought 1-2 Specs, buy as many specs until you have 3 and then go buy the upgrade for 6€. If you have a total of 30€ payed I will upgrade your Package to full!

    • Single Routine (Spec) 8€

    • Full Package 30€

    • Upgrade from 3 Specs to Full Package 6€

    Feedback from my Raid Legion Routines. Anonymized!

    Feedback from my old Routines and during Beta. Be aware I fixed tons of small issues since then. Anonymized!

    Fair Usage Policy
    I am a poor student who is really hurting for money atm. Please do not take advantage of this work in any way! Implemented a login system for auto updateing in the future and I am tracking the usage of the routine. Please keep that in mindthat obvious breaches of the fair usage policy will result in warnings and eventually account termination.

    • Okay: Using on multiple computers from the same Home/IP address.
    • Okay: Sharing with a close friend. (Please be so kind and ask them to buy aswell if they like it)
    • Not okay: Sharing with lots or multiple people in any way!
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