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    Daum sues Pyx creator

    info from Reddit
    Originally Posted by reddit
    It looks like Daum Europe has moved in against BDO bots. First viper had to shut down their BDO bot and now the time has come to Pyx

    Looks like Daum is finally taking legal actions against the bоt creator of (Pyx ) and sent a court order.
    Here's the lawsuit in French. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    On that lawsuit, they're also asking to pay 500 euros for every paid subscriber and all their information as well.
    The site has currently taken down all their bоts temporarily and redirects you to "Daum Games Lawsuit" forum to see their topic called "Chapter 1 - We are going to court".
    Looks like they removed or hidden that topic but you can see the snapshot of the website here and how no one is online anymore. https://i.imgur.com/x6DsoVR.png

    The creator also posted this message.
    Originally Posted by Julian Bosch (JuJuBoSc)
    Hello everyone,
    Today is a sad day, I have to stop the Pyx auth server temporarily.
    Long story short, Daum Games Europe have started legals action against me.
    The auth server will be taken off and subscription are on hold.
    I'll give you more details soon, also I have something else to announce, unrelated to that, about the Pyx future, but it's not 100% ready.
    With love. JuJuBoSc

    Also from reddit
    short Translation
    110 000 € for the damages (100 000 € + 10 000 €)
    500 € per day late till he stops providing PYX or any other programs that is providing advantages in the game that players shouldn’t have and to block the access of them
    To the current host(s) or future host(s) to stop hosting PYX or any other programs that is providing advantages in the game that players shouldn’t have
    500 € per day till Mr BOSCH Julian provide the updated and documented codes of the PYX program
    500 € per day till Mr BOSCH Julian communicate the whole date identify the people that subscribed, this include:
    Connection ID of the subscriber, date and time
    ID of the subscriber, name and surname
    Address, mail and phone number
    Payment method, ref, amount, dates and times
    500 € per day till Mr BOSCH Julien put on the home page of the website the current lawsuit for 30 days

    Comment to above:
    they are asking 100 000€ in damages and 10 000€ for court costs. They are also asking 500€ for each day the author of the bot program let this bot program or another available. And 500€ for each day he doesn't comply to give all the information about the users of the program.

    What do you think, is this the right move from Daum or should they just have improved their anti ban?
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