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    Cheap Level 21 Account, Gyrados, Magmar, Lapras & MORE! 70k + STARDUST

    Hello Pokemon Trainers!!


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    I am selling a level 21 account (Team Instinct/Team Yellow) with many high CP pokemon as well as many pokemon that have potential to be high CP with MANY Candies and Stardust (If interested in the pokemon caught, i will send you images of entire roster including all of the candies gathered for each pokemon you want to see! The account has 340 pokecoins on it to spend at your hearts content as well as many other items! I am very new to this website however, and don't quite have the rep with Pokemon Go accounts yet to show I am legit but I do have feedback in many other forums for other mobile games that can help prove that I am a serious seller! The reason for selling is I am struggling in life, and need the extra money to help pay for my college courses. Thank you so much for your time!

    Honorable Candy Mentions:

    Bellsprout/ Weepingbell - 86
    Oddish - 89
    Bulbasaur/ Ivysaur - 50
    Squirtle - 47
    Dratini/ Dragonair - 30
    Scyther - 36
    Magmar - 16
    Nidoran Male - 79
    Growlithe - 29

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