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    Series 1 pins are now available to all?!

    So apparently Valve just added a mini patch last night that added a couple things including a new matchmaking death camera, some tournament stuff, a fantasy pickem app for majors, but most importantly pins.

    If you play CS:GO you should know of the pins already but just in case you do not. Pins are these collector items you got to purchase at majors (Valve sponsored Lans) and they have one for each map in CS:GO. They are actual pins but what made them cool was with the actual pin came a code that you can redeem on Steam and get the pin as an in game badge next your name. This was cool because unlike a lot of other badges that most people own, including operations and 5 year coins, the Series 1 pins were unique to either people who went to a major or bought off of somebody that did. One important point though is you could never buy a specific pin, it was a random baggy and you just got what you got and hoped you got the rarer ones.

    Well after this update Valve made it so these pin baggies are now buyable via the steam market or a website called (specifically here). The reason they did this was because with the new major coming up in only a couple weeks will also come a new set of pins called Series #2. This sounds awesome except the people that had these pins before are now a tad salty and rightfully so. These pins were not easy or cheap to get. Some of the expensive ones ran you upwards of $300 USD or more. Now, their open for everybody to get. On the bright side it is still random whether you get the real thing or just the steam version but nonetheless we will now see a ton more of these in game.

    Now on to Series #2. There are a lot of questions that come with this. It is clear Valve cashed out on these older versions since they are being replaced but how often will this happen. How long will this new set of pins be around before they are chucked under the rug and added to the community market? We do not know that yet but I can bet you that pins will never be as expensive ever again as long as we don't know that answer. Nobody will want to invest in a super rare pin somebody got from a major if that pin is going to be put on to the steam market or a store in only a couple months time afterwords.

    What are your thoughts on Valve doing this? Was it kind of a cheap way for them to cash out on what was once a collector item? Are you going to buy pins now that they are more accessible?

    For more information on the patch click here
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