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    CSGODouble,CSGOfast, any roulette site ULTIMATE guide!

    Just thought I would compile a list of strategies for everyone since I have been making money using them and feel like I should share the love.

    Strategy 1: Martingale
    This system is probably the most commonly used by most people, quite simply it involves choosing a single colour to bet on red/black. If you win bet the same again, if you lose double the bet.
    Usually you want to start with around 0.1-0.5% of your total inventory size for this to be successful and minimize your chances of losing.
    I had success with this strategy going from around $50 to $75 in a few hours.
    This method is quite slow and boring though.

    Strategy 2: Grand Martingale
    This strategy similar to the Martingale using the same way except when you lose, double your bet and add the original bet. This will mean that when you eventually win you it will be as you won everyround you played in. For example if $0.1 is your original bet you lose stake $0.3, lose again stake $0.7 then win the next time gain $1.4 but you will have a total profit of $0.3 for 3 rounds played so you make your original stake.
    This method is twice as fast as the Martingale but also carries increased risk this is probably one of the best I have discovered so far.

    Strategy 3: 10+
    This one involves betting on Green. You start by betting 10 on green, if you win you get 130 profit, if you lose bet 20, if you lose again bet 30 and you keep adding 10 to your bet. This strategy will keep making you money unless you lose 27-28 times. I have won with this strategy around 5 times gaining around $30 in profit and once I lost 30 times in a row but i still netted around $25 in profit overall.

    Strategy 4: Double Martingale
    This method is essentially the same as strategy one except you run it on the red and the black at the same time, it gives double the rewards as strategy one but comes with extra risk

    I also write scripts that automate these strategies. You can add me on steam and I can write you a script with any of these methods for any site.
    My steam profile
    Hope this can help you guys out and make some MONEY$$$$$$$$.
    If its helpful for you feel free to use my ref codes
    CSGOFastcode 4T66Y
    CSGOCircle:C884C LINK

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    If you write scripts for these sites, then why not just post it? If you do end up accepting a script from this guy, make sure you read the ENTIRE script. It will likely steal your coins.

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