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    Originally Posted by farmwl View Post
    I wanna present you some plug-ins for ArcheBox - multibox + script bot:

    NexTarget - Radar for ArcheAge with PvP features

    Video: NexTarget - Radar for ArcheAge - YouTube
    Price: 5$ per month

    Some features:
    • Visualisation of players / NPC / objects around us
    • Lists with custom sorting and priorities
    • PvP features, such as target\assist on hotkey, buff control, dispel debuffs, potions autouse, dps boost, use point skills on target, teleport to\behind our target
    • Possibility to make your own widgets, notifications and similar features
    • etc...

    Incubator - Questing leveling 1-50 for ALL RACES (including Warborns & Dwarfes)

    Screenshots (gif): i.imgur.com/zpWc6sB.gifv
    Price: 10$ per month for 1-30 levels and 30$ for 1-50 levels

    Detailed description of its functional and features will take a lot of space, so primary:

    • You can choose any build
    • You can set up quests regards type (weapon and armor)
    • Script do most of quests, including quest for mount, scarecrow and glider
    • Overmaking quests and randomize in theirs execution sequence
    • etc...

    Beast - Mobs grinding bot

    Screenshots (gif): Imgur
    Plug-in is free to use, cause undefined testing period

    • Combo attacks, buff and heal with optional priority
    • Search enemies with flexible settings and filters (priority / ignore)
    • Multiple zones of grinding with ability to change by time and level, ie possibility to exping
    • Deletion and decomposition of items, opening packages
    • GPS for all movements - convenient record and edit routes
    • Events with a lot of action (GM, foreign players, death, players attack, debuff "suspect user")
    • ICQ for notification and communication (in-game chat with players and GM)
    • etc...

    Landlord - Farmer bot

    Screenshots (gif): i.imgur.com/dl1vdai.gifv
    Plug-ing in passive developing, so it is free too )

    Plug-in for landing \ collection \ harvest processing on a scarecrow \ farm \ open area:

    • Convenient multi-language interface with a very flexible configuration
    • Works with multiple zones simultaneously (scarecrows \ farm \ open area)
    • On separately selected area can be planted several different seeds \ seedling \ animals
    • Looped landing \ collection and processing

    Miner plug-in

    Screenshots (gif): i.imgur.com/tk5rmcr.gifv
    Price: 5$ per month - unlimited version, also available free version with some limits. More info on site

    • Several ways of movement, including the instant teleport and GPS for "hard" locations
    • Defending from agro mobs
    • Using Labor potions
    • Ignoring deposits and skip those that are already occupied
    • Reaction to the in-game events
    • Maintain statistics

    For running theese scripts you will need ASI WIN [ArcheAge] - script bot + multibox for ArcheAge
    Screenshots (gif): program's main window
    Installation instructions (video): https://youtu.be/YT8jljUnN-0
    Price: 10$ \ 20$ per month

    • Easy to run multiple windows simultaneously
    • Autoloot, infinite zoom, coordinate substitution
    • Package login, autologin, auto relogin
    • Posibility to set proxy and HWID for each window
    • etc..
    Would you know if this bot works in archerage? I look for just one for mining.

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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