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    The best lvl 70 t6 druid on Archangel

    Like the title says, I like to sell my druid on Archangel.

    The druid is top char on AA, It is almost bis with all currents spec untill SWP will get released.

    Night elf female druid. (Have done transfer from horde to alliance with fresh name)

    3 parts of t6 tanking (stam) t6 content tanking gear. 20k hp unbuffed in bearform.

    3 part of t6 tanking (dodge)

    It also have awesome feral dps gear with 4,2k ap in Catform with 44 %Crit

    3 parts of t6 Boonkin with 1,3k spelldmg.

    1 part of t6 resto and lots of other t6 healing items- 2,3k Bonus Heal.

    The druid is a character from the old core, that includes it has 4 main proffession (bug)

    375 Enchanting
    375 Leatherworking
    375 Engineering
    375 Jewelcrafting.

    Second proffession

    375 first aid
    287 cooking
    250 fishing.

    100 % ground mount 280% Flying form.

    Alt: UD male priest with a mix of t5/t4/heroic gear. around 1,7k bonus heal

    I might be willing to trade for another character with similar gear.

    Add me on skype for a talk: [email protected]

    Kind regards

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