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    WTS/WTT Eu wow 5 level 100s rest of classes 90 + diablo 3

    Quiting EU to go over to US server with friends so need funds to get me there or an account trade.

    This account has 5 level 100s.

    Warrior 690Ilev, 50k gold 700blacksmithing and enchanting ( ALL SECONDARY PROFESSIONS MAXED ALSO) 8/13Normal Hellfire Citadel.
    Has Thunderfury, Quel'dalar, Legendary Cloak, in the middle of shadowmourne quest.

    Shaman 650ilev, 5k gold.
    Druid PVP 670ilev, 5k Gold. 1600CR 2v2
    Death knight 672ilev 10k Gold. Just dinged.
    Hunter PVP 660ilev 5k gold. full season 1 warlords epic gear.

    All of classes level 90+ on Kazzak ranged with gold 1-10k on each (Level 91 Warlock with Greenfire)
    Account has all heirlooms + Heirloom mount (excluding New rings) Got new trinket.

    Also have 2 level 100's on Silvermoon Alliance Priest and Monk
    And alot more alts scattered across the account.

    Got Alysrazor mount and ragnaros mount from firelands.. i also have the firelands meta achievement mount
    Got Fiery Warhorse from karahzan
    All stable mounts.
    Alani mount from MoP
    Blue Proto-Drake from utgarde pinnicle
    Onyxian Drake
    Sunhide Gronlin from poundfist in draenor
    All 3 Direhorns from Warbringer in MoP
    Total of 174 mounts in total, not listed all the good ones, just some.
    Achievement Points : 13455
    With quite abit FoS.

    Quest for draenor flying nearly completed.. only have to do the reputation part then wait for the patch.

    Not looking for alot for account. Im moving over to US servers so easy fund how much i would need that included Battlechest + WoD (30Day timecard , BUT IF YOUR FAST AND TRUSTED WE WILL FORGET ABOUT IT THE TIMECARD!)

    CONTACT ME VIA SKYPE : Seeker.tool

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