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    Dalaran wow high end accounts

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to sell my three accounts from Dalaran-WoW, realm Algalon:

    1st account that contains:
    1.lvl80 Paladin
    PvE :high-lvl ulduar geared in ret/prot/holy(on each spec GS around 4.7)
    PvP :full furious Ret gear/ prepared prot gear(including block pieces)/ few holy pieces
    Transmog: i also have 4 different kind of armor types in bank that looks okey
    2.lvl80 DK
    PvE: naxx BiS+uldu pieces / high geared tank gear
    PvP: deadly UH gear
    __________________________________________________ _________________________
    2nd account that contains:
    1.lvl80 Mage
    PvE :high-lvl naxx/uldu geared fire/arcane
    PvP :Furious/deadly frost gear
    2.lvl80 Hunter
    PvE :high-lvl naxx/uldu MM/Survi
    PvP :few pieces
    3.lvl80 Warrior
    PvE :high-lvl naxx/uldu Fury + prot pieces
    PvP :hatefull pieces
    __________________________________________________ _________________________
    3rd account that contains:
    1.lvl80 Druid
    PvE :naxx/uldu Boomkin gear / naxx/uldu Resto gear
    PvP :high-lvl furious Resto gear

    4TH ACCOUNT RET/HOLY blood elf paladin
    t7.5 geared in both sets, uld 25 attuned epic flying, max JC

    Most accounts are TOC attuned, spoke with a GM earlier today and TOC is right around the corner!. PM me or add me on skype tkn0329 if you are interested, so i can present you characters in game.

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