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    Wtb or wtt nostalrius wow for retail

    Hi, I am considering SELLING OR TRADING my wow account, I have MANY chars, as ive had this account since like 2006, wow was my life when I was in my early teens, I was seriously addicted. playing 15hrs a day.. but now the time has come
    I will post which chars I have and what else I feel I have that might be interesting to you.
    7xlvl 100
    1x100 UD male warlock (MOP CM GEAR)
    1x100 Dwarf male pala
    1x100 Female orc shaman
    1x100 Orc male shaman
    1x100 Troll rogue (my main for most of the time) - ARATHI BASIN TABARD (DEFILERS EXLATED) - (BOTH WARGLAIVES) also the char that I got ZG TIGER (Swift Zullian Tiger) (Yes the cool looking orange tiger that you can no longer obtain) -
    1x100 Undead MALE mage ( was my raiding main in wod )
    1x100 troll female hunter
    4xlvl 90
    1x90 UD male priest
    1x90 tauren warrior (MOP CM GEAR)
    1x90 Nelf famale Monk (LOTS OF XMORG GEAR)
    1x90 tauren male druid

    1x85 female nelf rogue ( a lot of transmog gear and 100+days played)
    1x74 Troll druid
    1x72 orc DK
    1x71 human hunter
    1x71 worgen druid
    1x71 UD warrior
    1x70 human warrior (was gonna twink but never did on that)
    1x67 orc rogue
    1x 60 FULLY TWINKED human rogue almost Bis (BEFORE TIER 3)
    1x60 UD rogue (Twinked too but not as well as the human^)
    1x54 Nelf rogue
    1x50 undead mage
    1x49 orc warrior
    1x47 UD warlock
    1x47 human mage
    1x37 Troll rogue
    1x35 UD monk
    1x22 goblin shaman
    1x25 gnome warrior
    1x24 belf Monk
    1x23 orc hunter
    1x23 UD rogue
    1x18 Dwarf hunter
    (then some under 15 that I cba to mention)
    Have over 120+ mounts, cant remember what type of achis ect I have, im not subbed atm but will resub and find any info you need if I get any hits to this
    (CONTACT ME ON SKYPE ---- ryan.greer10
    ask me anything you wish to know, I am interested in cash or a good lvl 60 nostalrius wow account with atleast lvl 50+ UD MALE rogue, but tbh what else do you have? no I don't want to TRADE for another retail account... but try me..honestly ?? xbox one???

    I have well over 650days played total on the account,
    what you will buy is my WHOLE wow account
    Add my Skype ryan.greer10 (best way to contact me at anytime)
    Thanks for reading homies! <3
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