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    Feenix archangel/warsong gold and accounts!

    Hey fellas. Currently selling big stock of gold on Feenix Archangel.

    3 Euro = 1k
    25 Euro = 10k

    The more gold the more discount.

    Also selling

    HONOR EXPLOIT: Sending you 2 programs that controls accounts so you can farm loads of honor very fast. Usually goes around 20k honor per 45minutes. I can farm the honor for you aswell, would be 1 euro for each 2k. The more honor the more discount. The program and "guide" itself would be 50 Euros, I call you on skype, send over programs. And explain&Show how its done.

    ACCOUNTS:All my accounts have SQ/EMAIL. No warnings/bans or a bad reputation on servers. None of Warsong accounts go under 90 Euro and Archangel 40 Euro.

    Archangel accounts!
    Night elf female priest with t4/t5 gear. 280% mount, Full tailoring/enchanting. Good PVE char. Also shadow gear.

    UD male Mage & Rogue, Both same account and both are S3 geared. Beasts for pvp. 280% mounts and full proffs.

    T5 Tauren male shaman with resto gear. 280% mount, 100% ground mount and full proffs.

    T5 Ret/Prot/Holy Belf female Paladin with full proffs, ready for T6 and a good t4/t5 hunter in same account. Both got 280% mount.

    Warsong Accounts:
    T3 Female Night elf hunter with very good naxx offgear items. 100% ground mount > ZG TIGER < Also full proffs.
    AQ40 / NAXX Geared Female elf warrior with 100% mount and full proffs(All flasks)

    Add skype > Bogla.Oklah
    Accepting only paypal as gift, Got other threads with good comments and vouches from lots of other buyers.

    Add skype and we can discuss price of the accounts.

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