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    Smoogels Frostwolf Orcs Rep Farming + PVP + More

    Need to get your Frostwolf Orcs reputation to exalted? Some Timber for your garrison? Or just some PVP gear? Look no further! I am offering a fast and secure powerleveling for your World of Warcraft character. This service is avalible on both EU and US realms and payments are made through PayPal.

    Contact me now to order a service!

    Skype: smoogelsunban
    Private Message

    90-100 = $18

    Leveling will use a mixture of questing, dungeons and PVP.


    Frostwolf Orcs Rep (Exalted) - $15
    This Horde faction reputation is hard to obtain but yields fantastic rewards such as the Swift Frostwolf mount, the Frostwolf Pup pet, a Frostwolf Tabard and the Contract: Karg Bloodfury follower.

    During this rep farming lots of Apexis Crystals will drop with even the possibility of some BoE epics.

    Draenor Farming

    1000 Timber = $5

    2000 Timber = $8

    Timber can be used by a lumber mill to make garrison resources. If you're keen on upgrading your garrison, timber is a must have!

    Grand Treasure Hunter Achievement = $8

    Collect 200 treasures of Draenor. In addition to this achievement, you will also get plenty of gold.


    4,000 Honor = $3
    Full Primal Gladiator PVP set (incl weapons, trinkets, rings and neck) = $12

    Uses the BGFarmer botbase which is one of the most advanced and safe.


    1-700 Herbalism = $10
    1-700 Mining = $10
    1-700 Skinning = $10
    1-700 Archeology = $10

    All services should be bought at customers own risk. Powerleveling and botting is against the terms of use and there is a slight risk that it could result in a suspension. In such unlikely event, I will provide a free unban service.
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