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    Selling wow Account

    im selling my wow account with a 100 shammy that has 677 ilvl(resto)
    Lock thats 640ilvl
    and rogue thats lvl 100

    pluse it has a diablo account linked to it with 6 70s and 3 are geared to do solo Torment 6 rifts and can do greater rift lvl 32 and under

    the shammy has 18-20 lvl 100 followers and 24 of them are epic with 650+ ilvl
    mount from Sunwell and the blue hippo mount (rare)from talador and mount from killing garry before WoD came out and few other things
    the shammy also has full PVP set that goes up to 674 when you Q for resto
    and has 1 tablet and 156 rune stones for the ring (has the 690 ring allrdy)
    comes with 8k+ acivments points and i have done 7/7 normal 7/7 heroic and 1/7 mythic highmaul and 7/10normal brf 5/10 heroic brf So the account is good and ill teach you how to play the class

    The lock is an alt i barley palyed with 640 ilvl you can do LFR and a normal highmaul simple as that

    rouge is lvl 100 with some pvp gear and some lvl 100 BoA gear

    Diablo account i have a deamon hunter and monk that are geared and can do Greather rifts 30+ if u know what ur doing(also teach you how to play em if you buy)
    and has a 70 wizard 70 barbarian and 70 crusader that are just blah geared the accounts has 2000+ of each mats 400 rift stone keys and 200 greater rift stone keys.
    tons of plans to make alts basic gear also.

    if you have any questions comment plz or and i will tell you my skype name if your have a offer that sounds good. I will take paypal payment or runescape account or Lord of the rings online account.

    Selling account for 200$ paypal only
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