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    Buy all gold on every server!

    Originally Posted by bezisek View Post
    all went fine, good trader

    Originally Posted by EinEpischerApfel View Post
    215k Fw horde. bin sehr zufrieden
    got much feedback on other site

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    Status: Trade

    I talked to him on skype, he wanted to buy 1 mill from me, he wouldnt go for 100k each time becuase i was skecthy about him.
    Be would only go for 4x250k..
    I did some research and i found this

    Seems like he got banned on another account, and hes back in business with a new ownedcore account..

    I know my skype conversation with him doesnt bring any proof, just stay calm with this guy. Dont fall for hes dirty tricks


    Hello. You there?
    [16:00:53] Knut k: im here now
    [16:40:19] WTS WoW Gold!: same ..
    [16:40:21] WTS WoW Gold!: u there?
    [16:40:31] Knut k: yes
    [16:40:34] WTS WoW Gold!: cool
    [16:40:46] WTS WoW Gold!: Can we do payment for each 100k?
    [16:41:07] Knut k: no i telled you yesterday
    [16:41:09] Knut k: sell to other then
    [16:41:13] WTS WoW Gold!: Well
    [16:41:15] Knut k: we can do 4x 250k
    [16:41:31] WTS WoW Gold!: Since u have scammed several people its hard to trust you
    [16:41:39] Knut k: i dont scammed
    [16:41:44] Knut k: showed you my Feedback on epvp
    [16:41:48] WTS WoW Gold!: Well.
    [16:41:51] WTS WoW Gold!: im not stupid..
    [16:41:58] WTS WoW Gold!: u made some mistake u left behind you..
    [16:42:00] Knut k: if you wont sell to me why you are writing
    [16:42:23] WTS WoW Gold!: i just found out 10min ago u scammed alot of people.
    [16:42:23] WTS WoW Gold!:
    [16:42:26] WTS WoW Gold!: forexample.
    [16:42:35] Knut k: yes
    [16:42:36] Knut k: thats not me
    [16:42:45] WTS WoW Gold!: Knute aint you?
    [16:42:53] Knut k: fake acc to make my buisness ba
    [16:42:54] Knut k: bad
    [16:42:55] WTS WoW Gold!: hmm. funny thing is ur name is Knut, always te same..
    [16:42:59] Knut k: ist same skype add too
    [16:43:02] WTS WoW Gold!: knute16.
    [16:43:05] WTS WoW Gold!: so close..
    [16:43:26] Knut k: yes
    [16:43:30] Knut k: u dont understsasnd
    [16:43:47] WTS WoW Gold!: Since i have some +rep on my thread, i would like to go have payment first, if u cant deal with this, i have to say no to the 0.39€ / k..
    [16:43:54] Knut k: i can make a thread on ownedcore. with your skype address and post some shit and get banned. so it is not your mistake ye?
    [16:44:09] Knut k: why i got 42/0/0 positive trades on epvp when im a scammerß
    [16:44:13] Knut k: JUST DELETE ME THEN

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