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    Druid 17315 Achie 78 FoS 53 Legacy 675 ilvl Gladiator And Realm first

    Hello everyone out there I'm looking forward to selling my 10 years old World of Warcraft account. my plan was to play more casual in WoD in order to get more time for other things, But it wasn't as funny as i hoped at all.

    The account contains following characters

    1x100 druid Challenge mode Set from MoP Legendary cloak from MoP 675 ilvl PVE 648 PVP also got s15 elite pvp gear Armory Level 100 Night Elf Druid | WoW World of Warcraft Armory Profiles | Masked Armory

    1x100 Rogue pretty bad geared around 630-640 PVP

    1x90 Priest with Challenge mode set from MOP and season 15 elite pvp gear
    1x 70 rogue double warglaives thunderfury and BiS gear

    The account has alot of old achievement titles and mounts.

    Noteable mounts ( 187 collected )

    Amani WAR bear from old ZG 10
    Ashes of Al'ar
    Big Blizzard bear (1000$ mount)
    Black proto drake from Naxx Removed when patch 3.1 came and can no longer be obtained.
    Kor'kron juggernaut
    Kor'kron War wolf
    Plagued proto drake from Naxx removed when patch 3.1 Came can be obtained through BMAH
    Pureblood firehawk
    Swift Razzashi raptor from old ZG 40
    Swift Zulian tiger from old ZG 40
    Swift Spectral tiger( 500$ mount)
    Prideful Gladiators clould serpent (From last season S15)
    Ultramarine qiraji Battle tank
    All challenge mode's mounts from MOP
    Core hound

    Noteable achievements

    Ahead of the Curve : Imperator's fall with a good date
    Prideful gladiators cloud serpent
    Gladiator s15
    Ahead of Curve : Garrosh hellscream
    Cutting edge : Garrosh hellscream 25
    Realm First Conqueror of Naxxramas (Awards title Conqueror of Naxxramas)
    Realm First Grand Crusader! (Awards title Grand crusader)
    Realm First Death's Demise! (Awards title Death's Demise)
    Realm First Celestial Defender ( Awards title Celestial defender)
    Realm First The Magic seeker (Awards title The Magic Seeker)
    Realm First Obsidian slayer (Awards title Obsidian Slayer)
    Realm first level 80 night elf
    Realm first level 80 druid
    Amani war bear
    Big blizzard bear

    Total of 78 Feat of strength achievement's and 53 Legacy.

    With this account you will be able to get into any PvP or PvE guild out there. I've raided with the best through my times which will get you into any PVE guild you might apply too.
    PVP guilds shouldn't be a problem either my druid ended up at 3000+ rating in 3v3 season 15 and around 2300 in RBG

    There's also tons of diffrent rare mog items in my bank and void storage.

    The account contains about 800k - gold cap on the main server where the druid is, i will include this gold for an extra 250$

    I have probably forgot to list tons of stuff here but my asking price would be atleast 800$*Through PayPal I'm new on this forum and I won't go first so don't even bother trying thanks. I'm Willing to accept a MM or you will go first. My PayPal is verified within the same name as the account proof can be sent.

    Upon a purchase following information will be included.

    Email and Password
    SQ and SA
    Photo of a valid gouvernment issued ID
    CD key's will not be included as I've lost the boxes Years ago.

    Any questions? Don't hesitate to reply on this thread Ill get back to you as soon as possible.

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