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    ♔Gold on Draenor|Ragnaros|Twisting Nether♔CHEAP♔SAFE♔LEGIT♔2min Delivery♔

    Hello, thank you for checking my thread!
    I'm selling Gold on EU Twisting Nether-H , and Draenor-H , Ragnaros A-H.
    This gold Legit, got by BOOST! Not by BOTS!
    Gold Prices. 4.25€-5.25€
    Payment Methods: | | ( Instant )
    Contact Info.
    Skype: Snawpax
    Email: [email protected]

    Feedbacks here: http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/mmo-...ml#post3159689 (Selling Cheap GOLD On EU Draenor Horde, Twisting Nether Horde, Ragnaros Horde!LEGIT!)

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    Status: Trade

    Good afternoon,

    Just to make people aware of this guy, here's transcript of last night and the gold I didn't receieve as he magically disappeared. Obviously the offer was too good and I fell for it. Thought I could trust him as I bought 80k a couple of days before hand and everything went smoothly, obviously not this time around. Still can't believe Skrill don't have anything against this sort of thing.

    [16/10/2014 16:58:03] Snawpax Gold: You need 350k gold for 100 eur?
    [16/10/2014 16:58:42] Snawpax Gold: brb pizza, a minits and i go back
    [16/10/2014 16:58:56] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: Kk, let me have a think for a second.
    [16/10/2014 17:04:22] Snawpax Gold: kk
    [16/10/2014 17:05:31] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: You know what, why not. Should last me a while.
    [16/10/2014 17:05:49] Snawpax Gold:
    [16/10/2014 17:06:13] Snawpax Gold: Alright, cool
    [16/10/2014 17:07:02] Snawpax Gold: You still using skrill?
    [16/10/2014 17:07:41] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: Yeah, I'll have to unless you have paypal working again.
    [16/10/2014 17:08:21] Snawpax Gold: Yeah, paypal sucks
    [16/10/2014 17:08:42] Snawpax Gold: Skrill email: [email protected]
    [16/10/2014 17:08:45] Snawpax Gold: And write me your in-game name
    [16/10/2014 17:09:52] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: Now that wasn't the email you gave me last time.
    [16/10/2014 17:10:02] Snawpax Gold: Its my private
    [16/10/2014 17:10:16] Snawpax Gold: Last time i give you the our company email
    [16/10/2014 17:10:38] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: Ah ok
    [16/10/2014 17:12:15] Snawpax Gold: I can't give you 350k, only 348k, ist problem m8?
    [16/10/2014 17:12:47] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: Oh I don't know, that 2k is really important. Not sure what I'll do without it.
    [16/10/2014 17:12:58] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: ;D
    [16/10/2014 17:13:04] Snawpax Gold: Haha, okay
    [16/10/2014 17:15:49] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: Bare with me, takes a while to get shit from this mobile banking.
    [16/10/2014 17:16:05] Snawpax Gold: Np, take your time
    [16/10/2014 17:16:44] Snawpax Gold: But lemme ask how long
    [16/10/2014 17:17:33] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: Well how does 98 euros sound, otherwise I'm gonna have to go through it again.
    [16/10/2014 17:17:43] Snawpax Gold: 2-2
    [16/10/2014 17:17:45] Snawpax Gold:
    [16/10/2014 17:17:46] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: Converting pounds to euros sucks.
    [16/10/2014 17:17:51] Snawpax Gold: don't worry
    [16/10/2014 17:17:52] Snawpax Gold: np
    [16/10/2014 17:18:19] Snawpax Gold: -2k gold -2 euro, you know how to bussines works
    [16/10/2014 17:18:20] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: Done
    [16/10/2014 17:18:21] Snawpax Gold:
    [16/10/2014 17:18:38] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: That mean I need to get to thunderbluff again?
    [16/10/2014 17:19:08] Snawpax Gold: Yes please
    [16/10/2014 17:19:15] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: Omw
    [16/10/2014 17:21:57] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: What character shall I expect you on?
    [16/10/2014 17:24:58] Steven 'San' Powell Powell: Hi Snawpax Gold, I'd like to add you as a contact.
    Disappointed really, I wouldn't have given a **** if he came online and only traded me like 100k. But, that's the way online communities can be at times.

    So the synopsis seems to be he'll lure you in with your first buy but after that he's out to scam you. Hope someone else doesn't fall for this.


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