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    Near BiS UD Mage, Orc Warlock, SPRIEST FEENIX WARSONG Horde

    Hi, I am selling all of my accounts, as I do not have time anymore to play WoW.

    My mage is one of the best geared HORDE mages on the server currently.

    Account 1: 60 Undead mage 6/9 t3, missing ring, chest, shoulders

    Shoulders: Rime Covered Shoulders + Saph Crit Enchant
    Gloves: Gloves of Spell Mastery, t3 Gloves, Cthun Gloves
    Legs: Leggings of Polarity, t3 legs
    Boots: 2.5, t3, enchanted Rocket Boots
    Chest: Robe of Volatile power, 2.5, 2 hit trash aq40 robe, Necroknights Garb
    Helm: T3 Helm, Rocket Helm
    Cloak: Cloak of Consumption
    Bracers: T3, Rockfury, Soul harvester's (Gothikk)
    Belt: T3 Belt, C'thun Belt
    Neck: Faerline Spell Pen, Twin Emps Crit neck
    Trinket: 2x Tidal Charm, ZHC, ToEP, Mind Quickening Gem, Eye of Diminution(Thaddius 2 crit), Pvp Trinket
    Rings: Ring of Swarming Thought, C'thun Quest Ring, Ring of Eternal Flame, Ritsyyn's Ring of Chaos,
    Weapon: Staff of Shadowflame, BRIMSTONE STAFF, zg wand.

    I have many Troll items such as 3/9 Warrior t3 Tokens, a Mining pick that lets you mine anywhere, limited edition unobtainable companions, 5/8 Netherwind, Red Qiraji Bug Mount, 39 Feenix Shards, Christmas items and an Evocation Staff, 1x Splinter of Atiesh

    Consumes for multiple raids, and 1000 gold is included with the account. Many items not listed and can provide screenshot proof of serious offers.

    Full Nature and Frost Resist Gear, Ony Cloak, 300 Engineering/ 300 herbalism, exhalted with cenarion, brood, argent dawn

    Account 2: 60 Orc Warlock 6/9 T3 WITH ZG TIGER MOUNT

    Shoulders: t3, 2.5
    Gloves: t3
    Legs: t3, 2.5
    Boots: t3
    Chest: Necroknight, Robe of Volatile power, Garb of Royal Ascension, t1
    Helm: t3, Rocket helm with idol
    Cloak: Cloak of Consumption,Veil of Eclipse
    Bracers: Bracers of Arcane Accuracy, t3
    Belt: mana Igniting Cord
    Neck: Charm of Shifting Sands, Diana's Pearl Necklace
    Trinket: TIDAL CHARM, Neltharion's Tear, Eye of the Beast, Shadow Reflector, PVP Trinket, Jumper Cables
    Rings: Ring of Eternal Flame,Runic band of Wizardy, aq20 Rep Ring
    Weapon: BRIMSTONE Staff, Ritsynn's wand of bad mojo, staff of qiraji prophets

    has full nature resist gear, and SHADOW RESIST GEAR ( Able to tank twins in aq40)

    is Engineering 300/ Enchanting 300 has a couple raid drop enchants.

    Also has many troll items such as all the festivus dresses, mining pick useable anywhere, including players, and orcish orphan whistle and disgusting oozling.
    has many enchanting mats, and comes with 1000 gold and raid consumes for multiple raids.


    Account 3: Aq40 / Naxx Geared TROLL SHADOWPRIEST and Prebis + TROLL Shaman with elemental and Resto Gear.

    Shaman 5/8 t1 (T1 Brokenly good on Feenix)
    Some aq40 ele gear including meteor trinket, scarab brooch, ritsynn's ring of chaos and red qiraji bug mount

    has some nature resist gear.


    Shoulders: mantle of Blackwing Cable, 2.5
    Gloves: Bloodtinged gloves
    Legs: 2.5
    Boots: Snowblind Shoes ( Azuerghos)
    Chest: Robes of battleguard, Necroknight
    Helm: 2.5
    Cloak: Cloak of the Broodlord
    Bracers: Shackles of unscarred
    Belt: Firemaw's Clutch
    Neck: Charm of Shifting Sands, Diana's Pearl necklace, Jin'dos Evil Eye
    Trinket: shard of Scale, Pvp Trinket, mindtap talisman, ZHC, Neltharion's Tear, Briarwood Reed, Scarab Brooch
    Rings: Cthun quest ring,CC Exhalted Ring, band of dark dominion
    Weapon: END OF DREAMS, Jin'dos bag of whammies, Gem of nerubis, also Jin'do's Judgement Staff for Hit Fights.Also Benediction
    Wand: Bonecreeper Stylus and Essence Gatherer and +29 Green Healing wand

    has full Prebis + healing set and t3 glove token, and 2.5 helm token.

    has nature resist gear, 4 feenix Shards, Splinter of Ateish, Red Bug Mount, many more troll items like cone of cold as priest, orchish orphan whistle, snowman costume, festivus dresses winter hats ect.

    All Accounts seperate or together, serious offers only, paypal or western union money first, will use middleman if you want. Taking offers on all accounts, please do not waste my time or yours.

    I have lots of gold and consumes, and can add more gold or consumes per request, contact thru Skype @ Hazed1 will discuss further and provide any screenshots requested.

    edit: I have no price in mind, accepting offers on bulk or single account. I can also give you info to multiple other accounts, with 2.5+ gear but I only have the secret question to these three.
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