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    [EU] [H/A] Challenge Mode | Fast | Cheap | Selfplay/Pilot

    Who we are?

    We are hardcore World of Warcraft players specialized in various character PVE boosts. Although now We focus mainly on new Mist of Pandaria's feature - Challenge Modes, new Content PVE Raids (ToT,SoO). We gather experience in those kind of services since Cataclysm. Many of our customers are happy owners of Ragnaros "Pureblood Fire Hawk" mount, Deathwing's "Life-Binder's Handmaiden", Glory of the Firelands Raider' mount or Glory of Dragon Soul Raider' mount and what not. We play World of Warcraft for many years on high level in top guilds. We know how to approach our customers and make them satisfied. If You are looking for a cheap, professional and safe challange boost run then You are in the right place.


    We offer cheap full 9 Challenge mode dungeons completed with gold medal. You will get:
    - full transmogrification gear appropriate for your class
    - pandaren phoenix mount of your choice
    - title "The Undaunted"
    - teleport to every MoP dungeon
    - full stream from our run on your wish

    Also we offer cheap PVE Raid boosts like Siege of Orgrimmar or even old content raids. Depends on service you will get:
    - Cutting Edge Feat of Strength achievement
    - Kor'kron Juggernaut mount
    - all loot that drops for main/offspec
    - full 14/14 achievements

    Need to know

    - We offer our service only for character's on Europe realms in Horde and Alliance faction.
    - Your character has to complete every MoP dungeon on HC in order to enter challange mode. You cannot enter challenge mode dungeons unless you have the heroics completed on that character. Account wide achievements do not give attunement. Find out if your character has completed the heroic by mousing over the "10" achievement point reward for each of the 9 dungeons in your "Pandaria Raids and Dungeons" achievement page.
    - You need at least 463ilvl item in every slot on you character with the best gems and enchants
    - You need to provide few flask of your character's main attribute (Flask of the Warm Sun, Flask of Spring Blossoms, Flask of Winter's Bite)
    - You need to provide around 2 stacks of potions with your character's main attribute (Potion of Mogu Power, Potion of the Jade Serpent, Virmen's Bite)
    - You need to provide around 1 stack of invisibility potions
    *if you cannot fulfil those requirements for any reason, we can help you with that
    *those requirements are for Challenge Mode only


    Payments are done via PayPal
    Challenge Modes:
    You can choose one of the two methods of payment
    - you pay the full price before the boost
    - you pay 1/9 of the full price before each dungeon (1st part while booking date)

    PVE Raids:
    You can choose one of the two methods of payment
    - you pay the full price before the run
    - you pay per killing bosses (1st part while booking date)


    Challenge Modes:
    42.00 € for full 9/9 Gold Challenge Mode with you self playing
    25.00 € for full 9/9 Gold Challenge Mode with account sharing (pilot)
    6.00 € for 1/9 Gold Challenge Mode (specific dungeon) with you self playing
    4.00 € for 1/9 Gold Challenge Mode (specific dungeon) with account sharing (pilot)

    Siege of Orgrimmar:
    429.00 € for full 14/14 Heroic Run 25 man (all loots) + Kor'kron Juggernaut mount
    300.00 € for full 14/14 Heroic Run 25 man (all loots) without *mount
    200.00 € for full 13/14 Heroic Run 25 man (all loots)
    150.00 € for first 8 Bosses Heroic 25 man (all loots)

    119.00 € for only Garrosh Heroic 25 man
    239.00 € for only Garrosh Heroic 25 man + Kor'kron Juggernaut mount

    Siege of Orgrimmar Flexible:
    129.00 € for full Glory of Orgrimmar Raider
    89.00 € for full 14/14 Siege of Orgrimmar Flexible


    mail: info [at] boostingelite.eu
    skype: boostingelite


    Originally Posted by Quasho View Post
    This is an awesome service. It was my first service that I've bought on WoW and I've been playing for a long time. Awesome team and really smooth runs. +1 recommend! Keep going guys!!
    Originally Posted by Rentax View Post
    Me and a friend recently purchased this service, although we were a bit sketchy about paying these guys at first, they explained to us how it was going to be done and they allowed us to pay the best way that suited us. All in all really happy with the smooth friendly service these guys have to offer
    Originally Posted by TesBur View Post
    Fast and cheap service, went really smooth. I was hesitant at first because it was so cheap but glad i went for it. I highly recommend these guys!
    Originally Posted by Zyphos View Post

    Payed for the piloted run and it was done within hours! Very friendly and the ability to watch the stream was excellent! Thanks for all! Will come back!
    Originally Posted by jur2345 View Post
    legit service , really quick and no hassle
    Originally Posted by Ceitzer View Post
    I have to say, as some above me allready stated that they were bit sceptic because of the cheap price, and so was i. But after talking with this team on skype and they did explain me what we were gonna do, and explained how and when things happened, they really walked me through every step of the way and made sure i got the CM gold acchievements before going forward.
    100% totally legit and very very fast team, they said run would take around 2 hours give or take, and we did all 9 CM gold runs in about 1 hour or so, bit more. I am really recommending this team if you want your transmogs and mount and achievements, i just got mine today thanks to this team. =)
    Originally Posted by t2beatme View Post
    Hello everyone, I was sceptial first because they had little to no reviews and only from fairly new accounts with missing reputation. I used them anyways after a friendly talk on skype where we said terms that I can pay for dungeon by dungeon. I did that for the first one but payed for the next to and then for the rest I needed. Very nice atmosphere and professional attitude. Price was top of what I've seen and the service without any complaints from my part. 5/5 Recommendation!
    Originally Posted by Tinnie View Post
    Heya future buyers,

    Recently my girlfriend and I were checking Challenge mode dungeons, but unfortunately we don't have a lot of pro people/friends that we know. So we have decided to try this boosting service out.
    Although it had no much reviews at all, I had to give it a shot. The contact person on Skype was very friendly and polite, he helped us and provided us all the information we needed to know in the smallest details.

    So conclusion they promised around 2 hours and they finished even before this time which is considered in my eyes a high service quality that everyone would long for.

    I highly recommend boosts from this seller for the following reasons : It's cheap, It's quick, People are friendly and at last the service that they have provided was truly amazing. !

    Will come back another time when needed !
    Originally Posted by Eloax View Post
    Very cheap, very fast and very professional!
    Very happy with my purchase all in all.
    Originally Posted by corni View Post
    bought 2 CM Runs.*
    Skype: quick answers, polite
    Runs: both under 2hours, selfplayed
    Extra Service: Also done one hc instance because i was missing it.
    Review: Cheap, good, reliable

    Would buy again

    Originally Posted by Aghanar View Post
    Just finished a CM 9/9 gold boost with them. Managed to get hold of the guy on Skype, found me a spot the next day.
    Everything went smooth and even if my lack of skill pulled them back a bit they managed to finish up half of a dungeon with me behind (invis pot on CD, my bad).
    The guys are definitely a pro team. Managed to get the achievement just a bit over a hour and a half.

    For all who don`t believe me, here the SS with my achievement, check achievement date and this reply's date.

    Not much time left until CM achievements are gone, go with these guys, get your achievement, it is worth it.
    Originally Posted by izi33 View Post
    Just bought CM Gold boost from them and I need to say that everything was done exacly as described by them!!!!
    Excellent price and really fast around 2h!!! Big++++
    Originally Posted by Mirelin View Post
    just bought CM Gold boost today with a friend, we paid 20€ each with a 5% discount because we were two. we were a bit worried to share our account with strangers. but it turned out well.*

    very cheap and fast.

    p.s. it was a good thing, that i could watch my own character on twitch to see how it was done.
    Originally Posted by drift5 View Post
    Rly nice people, fast and easy about 2 hours

    You can trust them, they wont scamm

    I bought pilot run, payed first half (11EUR) before they started the first dungeon, and second half (11EUR) after they finished 4th dungeon

    I can definitely recommend these guys
    Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    Contacted him through Skype. Spoke to him about boosting challenge mode and I was nervous because the only thing i am thinking is they will hack my account or take money from my bank, my worries passed as they completed all 9/9 challenge mode for 22 euros.

    I specifically wanted (Pilot) mode because I thought it would make it easier. They logged into my account and completed within two hours as they promised to do. 5 star and I recommend to everyone.
    I will definitely use this service again. Thank you.
    Originally Posted by Pontzo View Post
    Fast and cheap boost, really nice professional ppl would recommend to all.
    Originally Posted by Dhozer View Post
    Purchased a self-play Challenge Mode Gold run, very satisfied with the results despite having some connection problems. Contact through Skype was very quick and polite. I would recommend! 9/10.
    Originally Posted by GodOfScience View Post
    I brought piloted service 9/9 gold from these guys/girls. I am very happy with the service that i have recieved. They were quick to answer my questions and queries on skype and polite to top it off. Would Recommend 9/10!
    Originally Posted by Rugaru View Post
    Bought the Pilot cm boost and i must say im really happy. Took around 2.5 hrs and they ask me if they could buy another pot. The guy on skype was really polite and social. 5/5 boosting service. Amazing price
    Originally Posted by Nami_senpai View Post
    I bought a CM Pilot boost and it was very professional and only took 2 hours. Everything went great and I'm about to buy another boost.
    Originally Posted by keksbirne View Post
    decided to buy a piloted boost. in less then 24 hours I've got my CM gold 9/9 complete.
    it took merely two hours, the contact was very friendly.

    would use this service again no doubt.
    Originally Posted by Nami_senpai View Post
    Just bought another CM Gold boost for 2 of my characters today and both runs got done fairly quickly. The 1st run was pilot and had a few hiccups along the way that couldn't really be avoided and took ~2 hours and 30 mins. I played my mage during the 2nd and it went smoothly and was very enjoyable, was over in ~2 hours.

    I highly recommend these guys and I'll definitely be buying from them again.
    Originally Posted by fhaleen111 View Post
    Fist off this service is 10/10,

    Now that that's out the way, seriously, then runs were amazing, fast, easy and even though I made a few mistakes the group was very kind and we still did it easily.

    Ordered the day before my run and was able to pay just before the run started which was great.

    Summoned to every locations very quickly and was given good pointers on when to use portions and were to run etc.

    When I first decide to use a service like this I was very sceptical but when the run got going it was so good and fast.

    Value 10/10 Skill 10/10 customer service 10/10

    All in all if you don't have the means to complete challenger mode(like me) this is a great way to get the stuff you want, Cheap!!!
    Originally Posted by Coolbone View Post
    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to say that i had a great run with these guys.
    They are realy good at the cm boosts, even if you were to die , they manage to complete with much spare time.
    These guys are helpful , trustworthy and pretty cheap compared to other boosters.

    If im buying another boost it will be of these guys (:
    Originally Posted by Opt1cal1llus1on View Post
    I was a bit sceptic at first, but damn these guys know what they are doing.
    Very professional, took us 2 hours to complete the run,*
    Thank you so much!
    Originally Posted by spirely View Post
    I was worried about this since it was my first time buying something like this, but i was blown away with their support on CM run, went full 9/9 gold and was extremely satisfied with the run. I bought piloting since i didn't knew tact's and wanted to get it properly done. 10/10 for these guys i strongly recommend them
    Originally Posted by Kecktheman View Post
    I must say I was sceptic at first, since I have never done this before. But I got the pilot version and watched the whole run on twitch, and I' not dissapointed one bit!*
    Fully legit, Quick and safe!
    Originally Posted by hppa View Post
    Bought a CM boost off of these guys and all went well. Good support/service and I'm really satisfied in general. Fluid runs all in all!
    Originally Posted by pranxterkid View Post
    Was very sceptic about the pilton serivce, very cheap price.. But omg, great service!
    Done in 2 hours, account just as I left it except much cooler transmog now aswell as a new mount!*
    Originally Posted by Pegatz View Post
    Really nice service, it went smooth and they even 4 manned some of the instances because one of them dc'd overall a really good boosting team!
    Originally Posted by qaz87 View Post
    You get exactly what these guys offer.
    Already got 2 boosts in about 2 hours at the perfect price.
    Very satisfied
    Originally Posted by Frost17D View Post
    Hello Everyone!

    I've just purchased their 9/9 Gold Challenge Mode with account sharing (pilot) service and it was awesome.
    At first I was sceptical little bit because of their cheap prices...
    The contact person on Skype was very friendly and polite, he helped me and provided me all the information I needed to know.
    2 hours latter they wrote back that they finished and I can log in.
    I highly recommend these guys for the following reasons: their services is cheap, quick and they are extremely polite.
    Originally Posted by M4dfr0g View Post
    Heya, i suggest you read this post if you're, like me, not too keen on paying with real money for a computer game when you're actually risking it all. I contacted these guys in trade chat, just to snoop around a little bit and to make comparements between these guys and other sites who offer the same services. I then got a link to this forum thread and added the contact person on skype. From there on all my questions where answered and apart from all the asian sites, we actually had a genuine conversation in good english, which made it seem even more legitimate. What i want you guys to know is that i just spent 200 euros worth of service and i had immediate help and confirmation about the payment and it was an extremely enjoyable carry. Got everything i wanted, the people that helped out were serious and they even casually *chatted with me during the run. So to sum this up, these guys knows what they are doing, they are taking the payments seriously and they will help you to get the service you want, without any trouble. I will come back to these lads if i am to buy more services, i highly recommend them. Good luck with your carries!
    Originally Posted by SSeterSS View Post
    Hi people out there
    I was very skeptical when I visited the site and I saw the price. But I had to make the Challenge modes before they would expire. I was not sure if this was a scam or not, but it turned out it wasnt! These guys are amazing, they made the 9 dungeons on under 2 hours, and they streamed the whole thing. The guy on the skype was online and ready to reply most of the time. I will really recommend these guys, so go get your challenge mode achivement now!
    Originally Posted by SmartL View Post
    To everyone in the future willing to buy this boost,*

    I am VERY satisfied with the service I got. I bought a pilot version of the 9/9 CM boost and I got it within 2 hours.
    This is totally legit and there is no reason to be afraid. Having the stream is super! It shows you your own progress while doing something else.*
    If I ever need another boost, I sure as hell come back to these guys. Very professional and very kind!*
    Thank you!
    Originally Posted by Slashnoir View Post
    Just returning to WoW after a year of not playing it's hard to catch up to the people already having CM experience and only willing to run with people of equal achievement experience.*
    The service these guys delivered was great. Took a bit longer than other posts but had some problems with my account getting locked twice in a row.

    In the end these guys prove to be experienced players that know how to play and it was fun watching their streams and learning the tactics while watching them play your character :-)

    10/10 Thanks again for a great service :-)
    Originally Posted by Tapmycookie View Post
    These guys are professional and know what they are doing
    Originally Posted by Ferdinese1 View Post
    To people who might be a bit worried about purchasing this service,*

    This team of people were an enjoyment to watch throughout all 9 challenge mode dungeons, the level of skill and expertise was something I could only dream about having with my friends. The boost took under 2 hours for all dungeons and no wipes occurred throughout!*

    I at first was a bit nervous about using such a service but not I sit on top of my Phoenix mount and where my sexy Warrior challenge mode set =D*

    Thankyou Boosting Elite for your service!

    Fred Pearce - aka - Unflushable
    Originally Posted by capalex65 View Post
    I was a bit apprehensive about giving out my account info and such, but these guys really know what they're doing. I watched the stream of the CMs and it didn't take more than 2 hours from start to finish. I'm now the happy owner of a Phoenix, a title, and an Armor set. Thanks guys!

    Originally Posted by dickie_bo89 View Post
    Was somewhat apprehensive about doing it, but I can honestly say that I had no reason to be. This is not a scam, yes its actually that cheap to get your CM set and I am a very happy owner of one now!

    Thanks a bunch
    Originally Posted by Laksder View Post
    Had little doubts before but there is nothing to worry about. Fast boosting Very good alternative for those who don't have time to do it yourself
    Originally Posted by pektherogue View Post

    I looked into this and was initially dubious. However, after chatting to these guys on Skype I quickly became a little more confident. Still, I thought, I could still get scammed.

    How wrong was I.

    The guys were happy for me to pay in a way that made me feel most comfortable. I paid after they had invited me to a group. There was no issues at all with payment, and the quality of the service was great. I just threw in a little bit of Dps, and i got my 9/9 gold in just under 2 hours. I was provided food, they gave very simple quick instructions on what to do. I am by no means a skillful wow player, however after the 9/9 I felt like i'd learnt something too.

    these guys are friendly, patient, very skilled but most of all VERY TRUSTWORTHY. you will not be disappointed.
    Originally Posted by Rugaru View Post
    This guys ROCK! Have bought 6 boosts from them all pilot, 0 problems what so ever everything was done within 48 hrs and everything went perfect! Top booster team dont be afraid what so ever!!
    Originally Posted by Antiochus View Post
    I have bought 2 boosts so far, all of them were self played. The boost was very quick, took 2 hours at most. Very professional boosting team, they will tell you when to use invisibility potions and really know how to compleet gold CM's. Very cheap and very good service, would recommend.
    Originally Posted by Bananahamic View Post
    Hi, just wanted to recommend these guys. *
    I bought a piloted boost, and it all went very fast and smooth. It was a joy to watch these guys play.
    They were very friendly and there is really no reason to worry.*

    If you want to grab the CM gear and you do not have the time, to do it yourself, check them out!
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