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    Feenix Warsong (A) Mage, MC/BWL geared, more


    A couple of weeks back I started playing retail WoW again together with some irl friends, and have decided not to go back to private server - Next time I stop it'll hopefully be for good. Anyways, in regards of this I would like to sell my acc with my mage on, and hopefully get something useful in return.
    First some info about the acc then what I'm looking for.

    My Feenix acc is based on Warsong realm, where I got a gnome mage. I've got part MC and part BWL gear (including BWL staff), including full Bloodvine set in bank.

    He's maxed in Tailoring and Enchanting. I've got epic mount riding skill, and mount ofc. He's attuned to Naxx. I've got plenty of consumables for raiding ready, and cash that can be used on whatever, consumables, enchants, items etc.. He's currently Frost pvp specced.

    I can show off the character in game or on skype share-screen if you prefer that, I tried to find "armory" profile of my character on realmplayers but couldn't find it.

    I am very interested in trading the account for prepurchase of WoD + 60 days game time (roughly 47 euro for both on g2a), however other offers are welcome as well - must be retail wow related though, only got time to focus on one game because of my studies.

    You can pm me here, reply or add me on skype o0nickski.

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